DeSantis Challenger’s Sex Tape Allegations

The ludicrous Democrat woman challenging Governor Ron DeSantis showcases Leftism at its finest.

Nikki Fried is the Florida Agriculture commissioner. She threw her hat in the ring to run against DeSantis. And her way to generate media is priceless.

Taking a page from Kim Kardashian in Bizarro World, Fried claims to NOT have a sex tape. She made the declaration on where else? Twitter.

“It’s absurd that I have to dignify this, but there is no sex tape,” Fried loudly announced. “Sorry to disappoint. Also sorry basically every successful woman has to deal with these types of rumors.”

Interestingly, no one claims that Nikki Fried made a sex tape.

No campaign has launched such an accusation. And from our research, no media outlet has mentioned it. Further, we can’t find anybody spreading the story.

It appears that Nikki Fried created this story out of thin air.

Fried makes a perfect Leftist

Porn name notwithstanding, Nikki Fried’s boisterous public denials of a sex tape are akin to another national hoax.

At least Jussie Smollett had the decency to put a noose around his neck and pour bleach on himself. Nikki didn’t even provide a grainy video that looked like her having sex on tape.

Visit Fried’s Twitter page to see obvious lies against Republicans. So this stunt is no surprise. Anything to draw attention to a campaign flailing in the wind.

Like most Democrats, Fried can’t win on policy. Thus, she opts for gimmicks. And you almost can’t blame her. Because DeSantis is a beast of a politician.

Floridians came dangerously close to having a bisexual, dope-using Leftist Andrew Gillum as their governor. As sex tapes go, Gillum didn’t have one. But when your Golden Boy is found butt-naked in a hotel room with a male prostitute…

In short, Fried has no chance. And neither does any Democrat against DeSantis. The current governor will win by double digits, as Republicans vote fiercely for him. But he will win the Independent vote and bring over many Democrats, as Trump did in 2020.

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