Inflation, Immigration, Mass Destruction: DEMS FINALLY HAVE A PLAN!

Legalization is the answer.

Let’s face it. The arguments against legalizing marijuana struggle to stay alive. With each passing decade, it becomes more clear that younger generations embrace cannabis in all it forms.

Personally, I’ve never smoked weed. I’ve never hit a bong or rolled a blunt. It’s just not me. And I pressured all seven of my kids to just say no. Call me Nancy Reagan, but I just never feel the need to alter my state of mind. Who knows, maybe I’m missing out. But I’ve engrained that philosophy so deeply within myself, that legal or not, I’m just not gonna buy a dime bag any time soon. Or ever.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t conceded to some of the health benefits of CBD or hemp. Thus, I’m open to the debates on legalization. Sure, we could bank some tax dollars on it, that’s a given. But what I find particularly interesting right now is the timing of the latest Democrat proposal.

The House of Representatives just voted to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. Gas prices are at an all time high. Groceries have skyrocketed. Bidenflation is a nightmare. The worst we’ve seen in more than 40 years. Immigration and border security make for some of the biggest disasters we’re facing. Not to mention that our president is a wienie, completely incapable of foreign relations on any level. And what do Democrats come up with? Legalization.

On Capitol Hill

It wasn’t the first time decriminalizing marijuana hit the floor. However, it was the first time that attitudes shifted enough to make a drastic change.

Fox News elaborates:

The House heard a slew of proposed amendments for the bill, including measures to track and prevent impaired driving under the influence of marijuana, as well as carve-outs for law enforcement to restructure around the decriminalized substance.

The bill passed with a vote of 220 to 204.

Three Republicans voted yes: Matt Gaetz of Florida, Tom McClintock of California and Brian Mast of Florida. Two Democrats voted no: Chris Pappas of New Hampshire and Henry Cuellar of Texas.

Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., spoke against the bill on the basis of possible spikes in impaired driving without first providing the research into the possible ramifications of the decriminalization. Bentz stated that the relevant data should be provided before the bill is passed.

“It’s been obvious for years that at some point marijuana was going to be formally legalized,” Bentz said on the floor.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), marijuana is the most commonly used federally illegal drug in the U.S.

The agency said 48.2 million people, or about 18% of Americans, used it at least once in 2019.

In layman’s terms, I think it goes a little more like this: people are miserable. They can’t afford to drive to the beach between the gas prices and the cost of filling up the cooler for the day. And Congress has no plans to address that, so might as well tell America to just get stoned.

Of course, they failed to factor in the cost of the munchies. Hungry people driving to the store, on fumes, looking for quarters to buy some Twinkies– this could go down in flames. And that’s the real problem here. Democrats don’t have a plan. They’re just looking for some feel-good public relations in time for 2024.

A Master Plan

Democrats want this to seem like a master plan. A real fix for whatever ails us. Yet, the left doesn’t make plans. They wreak havoc, and pray to God they can blame it on someone else, like Donald Trump. Unfortunately, this kind of major change without a real step-by-step logistical layout will result in nothing short of deaths.

Fox adds:

Cliff Bentz continued, “What’s deeply and truly disturbing, however, about this bill is its failure to address the clear consequences of legalization, such as what this drug does to children, to drivers on our highways, to the mental health of up to 30 percent of those adults who choose to use marijuana to communities inundated with hundreds, if not thousands of foreign cartel operated, unlicensed out of control marijuana grows.”

Bentz disagreed with Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., who spoke in favor of the decriminalization bill. Lamb cited his time as an assistant attorney general in Pittsburgh.

“Before I came to Congress, I was a federal prosecutor in my hometown of Pittsburgh. And the biggest law enforcement challenges that we had then and really still have today are opioids and gun violence,” said Lamb.

“Marijuana just didn’t register in terms of the risk that it posed to people on a day to day basis compared to those two things.,” Lamb continued. “Yet because of the way the federal criminal laws are written in the way that cannabis is placed in schedule one, it is very easy for a marijuana offense to actually get someone a worse sentence than an opioid offense like overprescribing OxyContin or selling fentanyl or a firearms.”

Rep. Jim Jordan voiced outrage at the marijuana bill’s timing, saying that issues such as crime, inflation, and illegal immigration should be taking precedence.

“Record crime, record inflation, record gas prices, record number of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. And what are Democrats doing today?” Jordan asked on the floor. “Legalizing drugs, legalizing drugs and using American tax dollars to kick-start and prop up the marijuana industry. Wow. Such a deal for the American people.”

My thoughts exactly!

But hey, maybe Afroman can come out with a re-mix of his iconic song. Joe Biden style.

“I was gonna run the government, but then I got high.
I was gonna rescue Ukrainians, but then I got high.
Now it’s nothing but inflation, and I know why.

Because I got high, Because I got high, Because I got high.”

For the record, this legislation stalled when it got to the senate, so don’t roll those fat ones just yet.


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