Inside Kamala Harris’ LATEST Staff MELTDOWN

Democrats choose the weakest people to lead. Understand this fact, and you realize why Democrats behave ruthlessly when they acquire power.

And Democrats acquire power in very predictable ways. Take Kamala Harris.

In honor of the #MeToo Movement, Kamala Harris used the tried and true “Get Ahead Plan” by sleeping her way to the top. I doubt she got much sleep.

Democrats will accuse me of creating a “conspiracy theory”. However the world knows that Kamala Harris “doinked” her way to political notoriety. So why would it be any surprise at her incompetence in representing the people; notwithstanding the notion that under her “leadership”, we are all getting f*cked.

Nevertheless, as with all things Leftist, the truth and ironies surface. Which is why Kamala Harris can’t keep staff.

We’ve chronicled the people who have left Sista Girl’s team over the past year. The road departing Team Harris is littered with the carcasses of disillusioned Leftists.

Harris’ chief spokesperson Symone Sanders resigned not long ago. Vincent Evans, who served as the Harris’s deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs for nearly a year left to become the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus. Peter Velz, director of Harris’ press operations resigned to join the State Department.

The departures followed a CNN report at the time that highlighted growing frustration within Harris’ office. Her staffers saw the writing on the wall.

Harris’ dismal approval numbers, compounded by her continual gaffes make for a difficult job. Staffers claim that Harris is “abusive”. Further, they confided that she created a “a place where people feel treated like s—.”

Ironically, at the time some Harris staffers didn’t blame Harris. Instead, they blamed her Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy. However, what does it say when your Chief of Staff resigns?

Now it seems they’ve finally run out of other people to blame.

Tina Flournoy, chief of staff to Vice President Harris, is preparing to depart the White House, capping a long list of aides who have left Harris’s office in recent months, and is set to be replaced by Lorraine Voles, a veteran Democratic operative and communications expert…

Flournoy has led the vice president’s operation since the start of the administration, overseeing all staff and setting the strategic direction for a historic and high-profile vice president. That makes her the highest-ranking of a sizable group of top officials who have left Harris’s office recently, including her deputy chief of staff, national security adviser and speechwriter.

Flournoy is leaving for personal reasons, a White House official said Thursday.

The old “personal reasons” excuse.

Flournoy claims to be leaving for “personal reasons”. Huh?! She didn’t even have the decency to get another job before leaving Harris.

You know the saying, “Don’t leave a job unless you have another!”. But things are apparently so bad with Sista Girl, that her chief of staff said, “To HELL with it, I’m OUT!”.

Given that Harris is next in line for the throne, things must be bad for people to leave now. Clearly Democrats have targeted Captain Demento for destruction. So all they need do is “Biden time” (pun intended), and be part of the first woman, yes even BLACK WOMAN presidency. But they choose to leave…IMMEDIATELY?!



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