Musk Will DESTROY Twitter’s Hidden Secret

Twitter has a secret. And frankly, if this secret were truly known, Twitter could be sued.

Because Twitter followers for many are not necessarily real. More on this in a bit.

Before I got kicked off Twitter, the Gestapo-like organization had already begun “the purge”. This was a period where Conservatives lost 20-30% of their followers overnight. For me the numbers dropped from 71K followers to around 50K followers.

Who loses 21,000 followers overnight?! Kevin Jackson, that’s who.

As a percentage, I took one of the biggest hits. And keep in mind that Twitter shadow-banned me. Because left unfettered, I would have garnered millions of followers.

Interestingly, during “the purge” (of conservatives), Leftists went unscathed. So this wasn’t cleaning out the dead from our list. It was an out and out assault against Conservatives.

Also before I got kicked off Twitter, I was fired because of a tweet.


Despite being fired by Fock Snooze, I stand by my tweet.

At the time, I got bombarded with messages from what appeared to be Leftists. However, upon further inspection of the tweets, we noticed a trend.

Almost all of this attack came from “people” who had just joined Twitter in the last day or so. Moreover, none of them had more than 20 followers. Even more interesting, most only had 1-2 tweets.

Clearly, these were bots; not people.

Elon Musk recognizes the problem on Twitter.

A spambot is a computer program designed to assist in the sending of spam to a large number of users or posting multiple articles on online forums. It also automates the widespread distribution of content.

These bots attempt to make an issue seem larger than it really is. I know that Fock Snooze relies on these metrics in its decision-making.

What I tweeted didn’t deserve any punishment. However Fock Snooze felt that the issue was too “hot”. And just like the bot traffic influenced Fock Snooze in my firing, it props up people who don’t deserve it.

People have documented many times that AOC for example doesn’t have a fraction of “real” followers, but simply bots.

Further, it has been documented that AOC’s tweets get nowhere near the response that Twitter claims. Using these fake metrics, Twitter made AOC into a theoretical star, when in fact she wields little power at all.

Musk understand how this pernicious use of bots undermines the Republic and social media in general. Thus, he wants to authenticate all real humans on the platform and declare war against spambots now that his offer to take over the platform was granted.

The Left is Already Scared

If Musk forces Twitter to dump bots and only use real people, the Left will have a massive coronary. You would see quickly that Leftists have one-tenth the number of actual followers. The world would see that Leftists have no moratorium on anything. And they see the writing on the wall.

This is why many leftists now vow to leave Twitter. They have no idea how Twitter will function six months from now, but they’re ready to jump ship. Worse, they accuse Musk of being a socio- or psychopath.

FNN adds:

“Mr. Musk operates from a flawed, if widespread, misapprehension of the free speech issue facing the country,” he wrote.

Giridharadas said Musk’s “vision” included unleashing “Nazis and misogynists” who would  “bully and harass and doxx and brigade women.”

“This is why his deal to purchase Twitter is so dangerous. In recent years, there has been progress toward positive freedom of speech — real work to give everyone, truly everyone, more meaningful occasion to speak. Mr. Musk apparently wants to shut that down,” Giridharadas continued.

The progressive author said, “Instead, in a moment of proto-fascism on the political right, his priority seems to be to undam the flood of bile and bigotry and bullying and disinformation.”

Giridharadas concluded his Times column by accusing Musk’s supporters of wanting “tyranny” from a “sociopath.”

“Because a society that outsources the tending of its social interactions to people who behave like sociopaths is a society asking not for freedom but for tyranny,” he wrote.

Giridharadas went on to say Musk only wants free speech for white me.

“Elon Musk lives in a world in which the only kind of free speech is White men feeling free to say whatever the hell they want. He doesn’t understand what a lot of those folks don’t understand is speech is actually freer when everybody not only has the opportunity have an account and able to afford a phone to be able to tweet but can feel safe,” he told Reid.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Musk is the greatest thing to happen to free speech since the Bill of Rights was drafted. And that’s exactly what the left is so afraid of.



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