Cops MANHANDLE BLM Protestor

Will the ironies ever end?

Holy Mother of Moses, how many ironies does this little BLM cop-hating melodrama contain?

First, we have a black cop who has been deployed to break up a BLM protest in Pennsylvania. For those wondering if anybody gives a crap about BLM “for reals”, here’s your answer. Very few.

Watch the video and count protestors. After that, I will provide other ironies and hypocrisies you may happily note:

Irony 1: Black cop sent.

I already mentioned this one, but it bears repeating. Yes, police dispatched a black cop to break up BLM. Want to know why? Because no white cop would be stupid enough to take that call, Silly!

I can only imagine how dispatch tried to “sell” this call.

Dispatch: “Disturbance at Wilkinsburg…is patrol available?”

White cops: “Wilkinsburg? Black area…LOL”!

If you were white, would you go break up an illegal march of BLM? Exactly.

Cop to waitress: “I will be having my donuts and coffee here!”

Irony 2: Black women begin shouting at black cop.

Technically, this is a hypocrisy. Particularly when you consider that black women continually ask where all the good black men are. Black Leftist women are so stupid, when they meet a decent black man, they don’t even recognize them.

The first thing this black man is greeted with:

“We’re not scared of you. Right here! Right here! It’s our f*cking right!


“Our freedom of speech, and we can say what the f*ck we want!”

Clearly this black woman wants only to incite the officer to violence. I only wish this black cop had brought his white wife to this, just to piss off these Leftists skanks even more.

At about 0:20 the officer reaches for his handcuffs. Shortly thereafter, about 0:25, he calls for backup and returns to his vehicle.

At 0:52 he exits the vehicle, as backup arrives.

Around 1:22, a trans “man” enters the fracas.

Irony 3: Trans man finds out that he’s not much of a man.

The cop knocks the makeup off that clown. You may not hit a woman, but you can hit a person if you’re not sure what the hell they are!

At 1:30 the left cross comes and “they” hit the ground.

Irony 4: Trans “person” cooperates.

At the 1:38 mark, “they” figured out that the police weren’t playing. The dog has now attacked “they”. Shortly after “they” tries to get up, but then the police order “they” down again. And “they” obliges with full cooperation.

Note: other onlookers scatter.

Around 1:50 you see the police escorting the first woman to a wagon, because she too received new bracelets.

All in all a successful day for law enforcement, and a bad day for the Black Lives Terrorists.

Two black cops handled this mob. Way to go fellas!

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