Republicans CRUSHING Democrats in Voter Registration

The numbers don’t lie. And Democrats know that their shenanigans from the 2020 Presidential Election won’t work in the midterms or in 2024.

Put succinctly: Democrats will get their asses kicked in the next two election cycles…minimum.

This will happen for a variety of reasons.

First, they can’t use rigged machines to the degree they did in the past. Several states stopped the cheat, and many others will follow. Further, as I’ve stated many times, Democrats won’t have the eagerness to cheat, as they have in the past.

Second, the public recognizes Democrats as lying, conniving scumbags. Every one of the so-called conspiracy theories ultimately proved that Democrats lied and covered up their lies. So now, when Democrats speak, most of the public ignores them.

Russian collusion, Hunter’s laptop, COVID infections, vaccine safety, Jan. 6th and much more. All lies by Democrats that started as “truths”.

Third, Joe Biden’s record. Holy Mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, has this man assassinated America or what?!

Biden’s poll numbers disappoint him and his party.

But it’s far worse than they imagine. The voter registration differential showcases what happens when you cheat to win an election.

Here is Interactive Polls’ tweet with the numbers:

Voter Registration Net Difference since 2020 Election (Apr 2022):

✅ FLORIDA: GOP +245,777



✅ IOWA: GOP +49,633

✅ OKLAHOMA: GOP +56,500

✅ NEVADA: GOP +24,336

✅ COLORADO: DEM +12,786

✅ CALIFORNIA: DEM +193,256

I can attest that in Arizona, Republicans are signing up people at a 2.2 to 1 ratio. And I believe many states are seeing the same thing. Especially since the GOP found the perfect place for voter sign-ups. The gas station. Yes, folks, it’s true. Republicans are capitalizing on one of Biden’s biggest blunders. In fact, it may be the vey best place to win some leftists over as well. Because numbers don’t lie, and neither do empty wallets.

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