What Your Kids are Really Learning: The NAKED Truth

Same brick. Different Wall.

In 1979, English rock band Pink Floyd released a hit that would not only become their signature song, but an iconic message to the world long after the group itself went their separate ways.

The song was, “Another Brick In The Wall.” The message of that song referenced in its title spoke to lead singer Roger Waters’ negative experiences as a youth during his time at an England school for boys. However, it was its revelatory lyrics that echoed the sentiment of many concerning the apparent focus in most educational systems:

“We don’t need no education;
We don’t need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom-
Teachers, leave them kids alone.
Hey, teachers-leave them kids alone!
All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall;
All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.”

Those words spoke to school systems worldwide as well that valued control over teaching, seeking only to build “Walls” of compliance, with complicit “Bricks,” rather than building functioning members of society through educational training. After more than 40 years later, the question must now be offered: “Has academia learned anything, or by extension, have we?”

Recently, I was made aware of an organization simply known as AMAZE. Although this group was new to me, AMAZE had been in operation for several years. Their purpose, unlike most institutions purposed with the
education of children, is mainly focused on SEX.

That’s right. SEX.

During a recent episode of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host addressed the many different ways in which AMAZE is pushing inappropriate content in the form of sexually explicit videos to lure our children under the banner ”Gender-Affirming Care.”

AMAZE, backed by the Abortion industry, subtly addresses topics that initially range from seemingly harmless adolescent-themed issues such as puberty and teasing, to sexting and relationships, which mislead many
parents (and youth) about their true agenda. However, their much larger base of content ranges anywhere from same-sex activity, masturbation and oral sex, to genderfluidity and porn.

Yes, porn.

One video in particular begins by asking its pre-pubescent viewers, “Is it normal to watch porn?” It goes on; “Yes! Lots of people watch porn. After all, it’s right there and it’s free. Find out more about porn-right here on AMAZE.”

After clicking and moving on, the “cartoon” goes into various areas, including the discussion of the size and “characteristics” of the male genitalia, all the while showing a captive audience of children an animated facsimile of clearly adult-oriented material.

According to amaze.org’s website, their vision states that they are “envisioning a world that recognizes child and adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy, a world in which young people everywhere are supported and affirmed and the adults in their lives communicate openly and honestly with them about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex and sexuality.”

Creators claim to target an audience between 10-14. However, the videos created in “child-friendly” cartoon form appeal to and are viewed by an even much younger demographic. More over, their availability on YouTube allows too many innocent eyes to view them.

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Do you think that’s bad?

Their mission statement is even more disturbing. They are “harnessing the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online- regardless of where they live or what school they attend.”
That last line is a significant piece of the puzzle; “regardless of what school they attend.” AMAZE is now collaborating with schools to make these videos available to be used as teaching tools in ANY classroom. If the children in your life aren’t already watching AMAZE on their I-Pads, phones, or computers (which they probably are), don’t be blind-sighted. Because AMAZE is coming to a school near you.

As far-fetched and ridiculous “Another Brick In The Wall” might’ve sounded in 1979, Pink Floyd’s message was either timely, prophetic, or both. Currently, there are many education systems operating as though our children are little more than pawns in a massive game of future domination. Or, more appropriately, simply, “bricks in a wall.” Only this wall is even more sinister and far reaching than Roger Waters could have ever imagined.

What’s the solution?

Unfortunately, the desire for many when it comes to the challenge of educating children isn’t the child’s best interest. Instead, it is creating a new generation of complicit “Bricks.”

Here at Seeking Educational Excellence, we embrace such challenges as a chance to mold, motivate, and stimulate young minds. Through critical thinking and mentoring programs, we encourage tomorrow’s leaders-today. Seeking Educational Excellence. Inspiration-not indoctrination. Visit us today @seekingeducationalexcelence.org.

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