AOC Delivers DEATH BLOW to Joe

Joe Biden presents a real quandary for Democrats. They shoe-horned him into office with The Big Cheat, and now they live with the consequences.

I feel nothing for them. When you place a demented fool into office, you must live with the results. And I do take pleasure in watching Democrats try to explain Biden and his policies to the country.

For example, Democrats claim, “Inflation is good for the economy.” Yet, in the same breath, Joey Demento now says that wrangling in Bidenflation is his top domestic priority.

All I can say is, “Please STOP!” Every time Biden makes something his priority, it gets worse!

Things are so bad for Biden that his party has jettisoned him. Publicly they pretend to support him; because they must. Or must they?

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tripped all over herself when presented with the question of supporting Biden. In a response to CNN “State of the Union” host Dana Bash, who asked Sunday whether she would endorse President Joe Biden for reelection in 2024, AOC committed nothing:

“Before we go, I just want to ask about President Biden,” Bash asked the congresswoman in a clip shared on Twitter, “He is saying he’s going to run again in 2024. Will you support him?”

“If the President chooses to run again in 2024,” Ocasio-Cortez responded, before pivoting and saying, “I mean first of all, I’m focused on winning the majority right now and preserving a majority this year in 2022, so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But I think if the President has a vision, then that’s something certainly, we’re all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes.”

“That’s not a yes,” Bash responded.

“The president has a vision”?! Sure, if Biden’s vision is apocalypse.

Clearly AOC grasped at straws when she says that she will “entertain and examine” Biden’s vision. She’s already done both of those things and after examination, still no endorsement.

Who can AOC endorse? What other choice do they have? Who can replace Biden?

Short answer: nobody. The Democrats clearly have no bench. Nor do they have a platform. They can’t run on crime, foreign policy, the economy, or border security. They certainly can’t run on infrastructure, healthcare, or energy. And they have invested far too much into Biden, and are thus attached at the hip. Biden’s failures represent the failures of the Democratic Party and the “progressive” movement.

Unfortunately, all of us are paying the price for Biden’s catastrophic administration. But elections have consequences. Especially crooked elections.

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