Biden and Dems Resort to Desperate Acts

As rapper Nelly sang, “It’s gittin’ hot in hur”. And the heat is unbearable as the Democrats race towards 2022 midterm Armageddon.

The Party of Lynching of Negroes has NOTHING to point to that will save their sorry asses. But Democrats made two moves they hope will save them for the midterms.

Paying off student loan debt.

As CBS reported,

Joe Biden is considering reneging on a campaign promise to cancel limited amounts of student debt, and is now mulling far more substantial coverage of the $1.6 trillion owed by 43 million people.

Biden alluded to his plan during a meeting on Monday with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, where he told Rep. Tony Cardenas, a California Democrat, that he had plans that would please the group.

The president previously supported canceling up to $10,000 of debt per student, but is now said to be open to forgiving a larger, unspecified amount.

It also remains unclear exactly how many students could be affected, although Biden has indicated that he’d be willing to forgive debts owed to public and private colleges.

Biden made the pledge as he faces tanking approval ratings with just months to go until the midterm elections that political pundits predict will see heavy losses for his Democrat party.

It will likely appeal to younger, left-leaning voters, but has angered conservative critics who say the move smacks of nannying, and that the inflation-hammered US can ill-afford it.

Cardenas told CBS that the president provided no specifics but simply ‘smiled and said, ‘You’re going to like what I do on that, I’m looking to do something on that and I think you’re going to like what I do.’

What’s next? Make college free?

That’s the logical next step. So if that is where we are headed, then let’s make sure that we take a serious look at what teachers and professors make. Because we all know the real value of “free”.

I can hardly wait for the lawsuits. Because if you had debt you paid off, then you should get your money back. Biden thinks buying students’ votes will bring him vote. Obviously, he will find that his buyout angers more people than it attracts. Biden’s ploy doesn’t stand a chance of raising has record low approval rating.

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Removing right-to-work

Cleary, Biden wants to placate the unions. And he’s willing to make right-to-work illegal in 27 states who have this legislation.

“Card check” does away with the secret ballot, and it could allow union organizers to intimidate workers — which is why even former Democratic Party presidential nominee George McGovern opposed the idea in 2008. Then as now, Democrats claimed they were helping workers’ rights, calling “card check” the “Employee Free Choice Act.”

As Fox Business notes, the PRO Act also includes a provision that reclassifies many independent contractors as employees. That repeats the policy enacted by California’s Democrat-dominated legislature in 2019 in AB 5, which caused havoc in the “gig economy,” including ride-sharing companies. Female workers who prefer more flexible schedules were particularly badly affected. California voters passed Proposition 22 in 2020 to limit AB 5, and other changes to it are also being debated.

Currently, 27 states have passed “right-to-work” laws that “that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union,” according to the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. Many of these are governed by Republicans; many have also experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, and have attracted workers who have left Democrat-governed states with strict unionization laws.

Biden’s infrastructure plan would make Democrats’ approach the national norm, and would include a “card check” system that was once too radical for President Barack Obama, with a Democratic House and a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate, to pass.

In other words, Biden plans to stick it to the worker while he has the power to do so.

But he better get busy now, because midterms are merely five months out. After that, Biden won’t have much power to do anything. Especially not screw the backbone of America any longer.

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