Democrats Spend Billions of Tax Dollars, Just Not on Americans

I’m convinced that Democrats LOVE war. Consider the one Biden started between Russia and Ukraine.

We just authorized a $40 billion “Leftist” package to this corrupt country. Not once did the Leftists running our government ask for Ukraine to PAY for this package. Nor did they ask other countries to help out. No, Team Demento simply got the media to make Ukraine good, Russia bad. Then Biden relied on RINOs to bend to the will of Leftists.

$40 billion later, and Ukraine starts getting hard-earned mostly Conservative tax-payer supplied war equipment; along with appropriate pork.

CBS reports what will be part of this package:

The U.S. will send advanced rocket systems and precision-guided munitions to Ukraine as part of a $700 million aid package to help the country fight back against the Russian invasion. Multiple-launch rocket systems can hit targets from 50 miles away; senior Biden administration officials said they agreed to supply the weapons after Ukraine pledged to not fire the rockets into Russia. The arms delivery was announced as Ukrainian troops began retreating from the key eastern city of Sievierodonetsk, which is now 70% occupied by Russian forces.

The aid package also includes radar systems, more Javelin missiles, anti-armor weapons, helicopters, tactical vehicles, and various forms of ammunition.

Meanwhile, Biden is not addressing any of the crises facing Americans today.

Imagine what $40 Billion could do for our schools. There are nearly 131,000 K-12 public and private schools in the United States. If we divided that $40B equally, each school would receive more than $305,000. Imagine the state of the art security systems we could install with that kind of cash!

Schools are always in desperate need of technology upgrades. Imagine the Smart Boards, iPads and Chrome books that would buy. Or safety equipment. Did you know one football helmet is anywhere from $95 to $130 typically? To suit one football team of 50 players from head to toe costs an average of $4,750 to $6,500. Five new tubas for the marching band, well that’s at least $35,000 right there. I promise you, put that money in the hands of educators and school administrators, and you would see a huge return on the investment, because, as Whitney Houston so eloquently put it, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way!”

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The Plight of the Homeless

Experts say there are nearly 553,000 homeless Americans at any given moment. What could $40 Billion do for them? It would give each of them more than 72k. The average tiny house is anywhere from $30k – $60k. But they can actually be as cheap as $8,000. That leaves plenty of room to pay for the property taxes and to get a new wardrobe for a new job. You can get a decent hotel room for $800 a month. At that rate, a homeless person could afford to stay in a hotel for more than 8 years! And that comes with fresh towels daily and a free breakfast.

But, like school children, the homeless are not a priority on Biden’s list. I don’t even want to mention the babies of this country. We should be protecting them at all costs. Instead, we’re sitting back and letting them be harmed.

And I’m not even talking about abortion here. I’m talking about the lack of formula! What is going on that we are still experiencing milk shortages? According to House Democrats, the problem deserves $28M. It sounds like a lot of money, until you compare it to the $40B we sent to Ukraine.

These days a good fire truck is almost a million dollars. A used fire truck, as old as forty years, can run $50,000; which coincidentally is also the price of a new police car. With approximately 27,000 fire departments registered in the United States, they could each get $1.5M. Considering the way leftists keep burning our country down from city to city, that might be a much smarter investment than the war in Ukraine.


Isn’t it ironic that the president who keeps promising to “build back better” chooses to spend our money in a way that builds NOTHING?! Personally, I find it quite disgusting.

We won’t benefit from the war between Ukraine and Russia. And while I understand we have a certain obligation to be part of the global community, there is no rule that says we must shoulder all the costs. Or that we must make all the sacrifices. When did Ukraine donate to our homeless fund? Is Russia showing up at local fire department fundraisers to “fill the boot”? I don’t see either of them sponsoring Little League or buying up all the Girl Scout cookies in an effort to enhance the lives of American children. And I sure as hell didn’t see a ship come in, full of formula, to feed our babies.

So why do we continue to let this phony administration make the rules? It seems to me the tax payers should have a say in how these funds are allocated. Because from where I sit, we went from GREAT to CRAP. And it didn’t take long for Democrats to destroy and and all ground we gained. Clearly, the left’s priorities are all wrong. And that’s not changing any time soon.





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