PLOT TWIST: FBI Gave Clinton Access to Portal

For those of you who believe Michael Sussman’s stacked Leftist court ended the case against Democrats and Hillary Clinton, think again.

It seems that for over a decade, Hillary Clinton’s law firm has run interference for Democrats with the intent on destroying Republicans. So in what might be the most damning and informative article on this subject, I give you this article from Brian Cates.

“Imagine how much fun Durham is going to have rolling all of this out in the pretrial case filings, showing the Clinton campaign was paying a Russian spy to accuse American patriots like Donald Trump, General Michael Flynn and Carter W. Page of being Russian agents. That the FBI knew this goon was a Russian agent and yet they are taking allegations from him and using them in FISA warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his associates.”

“Top Democratic party power lawyers like oh let’s say for no particular reason…Michael Sussmann…were then given highest classification FBI badges that allowed them to go surfing through the federal agency databases from the comfort and luxury of Perkins Coie’s own offices.

And you’ll never guess what these Perkins Coie lawyers used that access to do!

Turns out they’ve been using this officially established FBI portal to spy on their political opposition. For going on 10 years now.”

And you thought this started with 2000 Mules?

This story goes up to the top of the Obama administration.

“You’re about to spend the next several months watching people like Obama and Clinton and other top Democrats twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain how their pet law firm got this FBI portal access to spy on all their political opponents whenever they wanted to.

Durham spent the last 8 months laying out a massive criminal conspiracy and last night we watched another huge piece of the conspiracy drop into place.”

“I want to go on the record here for all the people out there still claiming that Durham is not going to charge anybody in either the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team or the Mueller Special Counsel team for any of the crimes they committed in hiding exculpatory evidence from the FISA Court.

Very specifically I’m going on the record here:

Durham has the evidence and he’s going to use it to show how the FBI and the Mueller SCO prosecuted people they knew were innocent.”

A Fishy Smell

Maybe it’s just me, but this all smells a bit fishy. Think about it. Durham never loses the cases he takes to trial. He spends way too much time putting his ducks in a row before he even shows up in court. That’s why his investigation has taken so long. Durham was careful to line up al the evidence, the pertinent witnesses, alongside his expert conclusions.

As Brian Cates writes:

A lot of people – including me – had good reasons for expecting a conviction. Reasons such as that Durham had never lost a case in which he brought a defendant to trial, and the fact there was a literal mountain of evidence – including a text message he wrote himself and never denied writing – that showed Sussmann lied to FBI General Counsel James Baker about representing clients when he made his approach to the law enforcement agency with the Alfa Bank hoax.

On the other hand, there were those who insisted the amount of evidence didn’t matter because this was a Washington D.C. jury, and they were pulled from a political elitist population that believes Durham should have been ended long ago and this whole trial was a farce.

Turns out those who held that a DC jury was never going to convict a Democrat power lawyer were in fact correct about that. This is one of the most blatant examples of jury nullification I’ve ever witnessed, and that includes the OJ Simpson trial.

I suggest you read this article in its entirety. Amazing information on how this intentional corruption by Democrats most likely will play out.

Durham in Danger?

Meanwhile, Durham should be careful. No one, and I mean NO ONE has ever come this close to holding a Clinton accountable. He better watch out for random suicide notes that somehow wind up in his coat pocket. And definitely, Durham must avoid airplanes at all costs. His risk of crashing just went up fifty-fold. Further, it’s time Durham give his security system the once-over and buy a new fire extinguisher just in case. If Durham survives this treacherous time in his life, he might just get to see payday. The day when Hillary faces the millions of Americans who want to see her pay off every single disgruntled citizen in this nation. And it starts right here with our class action against the world’s most infamous loser.

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