Former President Calls Out Joe Biden

We've hit rock bottom.

At the ripe old age of 97, Jimmy Carter is both the oldest living and the longest living President in American history. He’s also the butt of more political jokes than anyone can count.

Perhaps his dimwitted nature is part of the reason he’s outlived so many that also did the job of Commander in Chief. The stressful nature of the post But these days, he’s taking notice of what’s going on around him, and the former president is pretty unhappy with the way things are shaping up.

It is said that Carter sits at home with a blanket on his lap, pondering the late 70s and their real impact on America. I’ve seen Carter quoted as saying:

“Listen, I know I wasn’t the best president of all time, but come on—I wasn’t as bad as Biden, people! The economy tanked under my policies, but—I do declare—people were fortunate to not have to pay these insane prices for gas because there was no gas! And I gave that great ‘Malaise Speech!’ I used all the right words and strung them together in the right order! I’d like to see Biden do that!”

 Carter ushered in stagflation. But Biden took it to the extreme, so much so that we now call it “Bidenflation”. That’s saying quite a bit. Thus, it’s no surprise that experts believe Carter will no longer go down as the “worst president ever.” In fact, he may be reverted to “the Peanut farmer,” enough said.

To lose the “worst of the worst” rating is quite a loss. It’s like being knocked off the top of a mountain. At Carter’s advanced age, he will need some time to digest and make peace with this change in historical ratings.

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Presidential Throw Down

Apparently, Carter’s disappointment in Biden’s performance triggered the president to throw down a challenge. Biden’s handlers gave this quote to the media, on the condition of anonymity. As this handler would like to hang around long enough to see Biden get his donkey butt kicked directly in the rear end.

Biden actually said: “Listen here, Jimmy-boy! You think you’re better than me? Don’t make me come over there and, and, and wrap this chain around your head, horse-faced pony boy! Flumberdriggit!”

That’s when Carter had to consult a dictionary, to find what “flumberdriggit” even means. Speaking of dictionaries, there are talks of building Biden’s presidential library in the basement of Carter’s library. Biden plans to house the biggest collection of Hustler magazine ever assembled in one library. They will also feature children’s hour, starring none other than “Pregnant Ken”, Barbie’s new beau.

Our fine friends at the Babylon Bee were able to catch Ken on video.

Hunter’s hooker is slated to land a gig as the head librarian, where she will personally service the Biden family collection of smut. Her $20,000 signing bonus may or may not help bail her out of trouble with the government over a fraudulent loan. Although the Big Guy will pretend to be unaware of the details surrounding her employment.

Meanwhile, Carter will live his final days, distraught over the damage his legacy endured.

No one else can be the worst president in history in comparison to Joe Biden. He set the bar so low, it gave the Titanic a leg up. I’m sure when then-Senator Joe Biden endorsed Carter for president, neither man was aware of the legacy waiting for them. But only one of them can be declared the worst of the worst. And the sweet old farmer who builds houses with Habitat for Humanity just can’t outdo the demented clown in the Oval Office.

Sorry Jimmy, but this ship sailed four years ago. I hope to God Biden is rock bottom.


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