Hidden “Biden” Restaurant Fees

Another punch in the jaw of consumers.

Joe Biden keeps on delivering mayhem to Americans.

The man Leftists cheated into office leaves a trail of economic destruction in the wake of his “Bidenflation”. And even though Biden claims recession isn’t imminent, well, that’s because it already happened. Not because we have some magic way out, as he continues to suggest.

The price of food has almost doubled and gasoline more than doubled in some states. Sadly, Biden’s mind is so far gone, he still doesn’t recognize what he’s done. And now we get more fees that we can attribute to the old clown.

As I read on LinkedIn:

Head to the bottom of your restaurant bill and you may see some surprise fees and surcharges. “Kitchen appreciation,” “fuel surcharge” and “noncash adjustment” are a few costs restaurants are now charging customers as they grapple with a tight labor market, as well as rising ingredient prices, inflation and credit card transaction fees. Restaurant fee revenue nearly doubled from April 2021 to April 2022, per data from point-of-sale provider Lightspeed cited by The Wall Street Journal. Luckily, some restaurants will exclude select fees from your check if you ask.

So the servers aren’t making more money, as one might think. Instead, because of Biden’s reckless policies, restaurants add fees to stay afloat.

Recall the “COVID” fees they added during the height of the scamdemic. Supposedly these fees were charged to adhere to the new standard of “COVID” cleanliness needed. Rightfully we all questioned how clean the restaurants were prior to COVID.

In another instance of customer abuse, buildings were said to need COVID-certification before they could be rented or occupied. Where has all that nonsense gone?

Regarding the additional surcharges at restaurants, one person commented:

Well the more they tack on in fees, the less I will feel compelled to tip. I loathe fees and surcharges, it’s just a sneaky way of trying to mask price increases and make the menu prices appear lower than they are. As with ever-shrinking packages of food and other products I notice, and it makes me feel like I’m being cheated, I don’t like that. If you need to increase prices then increase prices, don’t try to conceal it.

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It’s a vicious cycle as another commenter noted:

From a restaurant employee’s perspective, in the last year several of my coworkers asked for significant pay raises because of the increase in prices on daily goods. This causes management to be stuck in a hard place as the prices of the goods to keep the restaurant running increased and now the employees are asking for more money. So to compensate for the restaurant paying more money, the restaurant has no other choice but to raise the prices on their menu or to incorporate more fees on the bill.

From a customers perspective, it makes me upset to get my bill and be forced to pay more in fees and taxes, when I rather use that money to give a bigger tip directly to the server. I think there is a fundamental issue at stake here, the idea when people are forced to pay more versus when they want to pay more. I understand the need to increase prices on the menu but I think it’s unnecessary and will drive people away from dinning [sic] out when extra fees and surcharges are tacked on to the bill.

A customer is only willing to pay so much so by forcing them to pay more than expected, then it will limit the tip to the server since they already spent more on fees.

Anybody think Joe Biden has a clue how the restaurant business works? Or any business for that matter?





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