Nasty Nepotism: Big Guy Gets BIG Payout

Hunter Biden certainly made some interesting payouts in his time.

For example, he dropped $25,000 on a Russian prostitute. Meanwhile another prostitute was given $20k, but that was taxpayer money, so technically it’s not a Hunter payout. But analyzing Hunter’s hard drive shows that from 2003 until 2011, he took in at least $11M. And he spent it as fast as he could get it.

NBC wrote:

The documents and the analysis indicate that few of Biden’s deals ever came to fruition and shed light on how fast he was spending his money. Expenditures compiled on his hard drive show he spent more than $200,000 per month from October 2017 through February 2018 on luxury hotel rooms, Porsche payments, dental work and cash withdrawals.

Biden has admitted to burning through cash to pay for drugs and partying with strangers who routinely stole from him, and he struggled to pay multiple mortgages or keep up with alimony and child support payments to his ex-wife. In his autobiography, “Beautiful Things,” he says the money from Burisma “turned into a major enabler during my steepest skid into addiction” and “hounded me to spend recklessly, dangerously, destructively. Humiliatingly. So I did.”

In a February 2017 divorce filing, an attorney for Biden’s ex-wife said the couple’s outstanding debts were “shocking and overwhelming” and that they owed $313,000 in back taxes. According to the filing, they had bounced checks to their housekeeper and owed money to doctors and therapists. The filing alleged that Hunter Biden had spent copiously on drugs, strip clubs, prostitutes and girlfriends “while leaving the family with no money to pay legitimate bills.”

No one can accuse Biden of being good with money. Or numbers in general. Or laws!

As one might expect, the crackhead son and his firm forgot to disclose at least $400,000 from Burisma during one tax year, prompting the IRS to open an investigation. He ended up owing a cool two million in back taxes. Ironically, no government ethics rules apply to him! That should be the first change Republicans make when they take back this house this November.

However, it looks like the Big Guy also benefited from Hunter’s dealings. And he is subject to those ethics rules, whether he can still hold a pencil or not. In fact, Biden should know ethics laws by heart after spending five decades in office after earning three degrees at once while graduating top of his class with honors. And if you buy any of that, I’ve definitely got some ocean front property in Arizona that I’m looking to sell. Of course, Biden’s not actually that smart. Which is why he had no qualms taking his son’s money.

If you think about it, obviously this was part of the Burisma hook up in the first place. Why else would a guy who knew nothing about the energy business get such a sweet deal?

But to be fair, all of this is old news.

So old, we already wrote the story 18 months ago!

At the time, Kevin Jackson wondered why no one seemed to be paying attention.

In the weeks before he landed a deal with a Ukrainian gas company in 2014, Hunter Biden strategized with his business partner on how to leverage an upcoming official trip to Kiev by his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to clinch the lucrative arrangement, according to emails obtained a year ago by the FBI.

The communications reviewed by Just the News show that the younger Biden referred to his father as “my guy” and took credit for “adding value” because the vice president made comments to Ukrainian leaders about natural gas production that might benefit his new client.

The memos also show how Hunter Biden pressed to get Burisma Holdings to sign some sort of consulting deal with him and his business partner Devon Archer before the U.S. vice president visited Ukraine on April 21-22, 2014.

“The contract should begin now — not after the upcoming visit of my guy,” Hunter Biden wrote Archer in a detailed strategy email on April 13, 2014, a week before his father’s high-profile visit.

Hey media, is this thing on?

You don’t need to be an investigative reporter or a psychic to know where this ends. With Joe Biden getting his cut of the deal negotiated by his crackhead son.

How much more real can we get? It took the mainstream media a year and a half to see the light. But now, they act as though we’ve learned something new.

Text messages revealed that Hunter gave dear old dad half his earnings. Again, we’ve see the messages before. But since the mainstream media now pretends these are brand new revelations, we’ll say it one more time. In 2019, texts to Hunter’s daughter Naomi said, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Maybe this time someone will holler “say it ain’t so, Joe,” as they impeach the president for his lying, cheating, scamming ways. Just don’t hold your breath.





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