Feminist Caught up in Trans Leftism

It won’t be long before we get many Leftists to jump ship. This story is another example of leftism imploding on itself.

A Norwegian feminist faces three years in prison for offending transgender activists after she tweeted that men can’t be lesbians.

“Christina Ellingsen, a representative of feminist organization Women’s Declaration International (WDI) is being investigated under hate crime charges for tweets she made between February 2021 and January 2022,” the feminist website Reduxx reports.

“The tweets in question were replies directed at Christine Marie Jentoft, a representative of trans activist group Foreningen FRI. Jentoft is a male who identifies as a lesbian woman,” Reduxx reports.

“Jentoft, who is male and an advisor in FRI, presents himself as a lesbian – that’s how bonkers the organization which supposedly works to protect young lesbians’ interests is. How does it help young lesbians when males claim to be lesbian, too?” Ellingsen tweeted.

“You are a man. You cannot be a mother,” Ellingsen allegedly told Jentoft on a TV program. “To normalize the idea that men can be mothers is a defined form of discrimination against women.”

Ellingsen is part of a feminist movement who see transgender activism as a threat to biological women.  They are often derided by fellow liberals as “TERFs” or “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.”

Ellingsen tells Reduxx Jentoft reported her to police, who are conducting an investigation.

Under Norway’s “hate crime” laws it is a criminal offense to criticize someone’s gender identity.  Ellingsen could face three years in prison if convicted of the tweets.

“In 2021, a Norwegian man was jailed for three weeks and a substantial fine for being found guilty of misgendering and insulting a person who identifies as trans on Facebook,” Reclaim The Net reports.

Still Hate America?

This story should be a wake-up call for the millions of leftists who currently believe conservatives to be deplorable.

Like one Tweeter put it:

Sadly, I don’t think many leftists acknowledge two very important things.

      1. We are very fortunate to have the freedoms we have.
      2. What God created, no leftist can undo.

Putting on a bra doesn’t make you a woman any more than writing a check makes me Donald Trump. The only difference is that theoretically, I could become a billionaire. Whereas no matter how hard some men will try, they can never be XX. They will leave this world they same way they came into it, XY. It’s a biological certainty. Which brings to mind another point in this entire argument of gender identity. If leftists believe so deeply in “science,” why can’t they follow the chromosomes? It’s certainly far more reliable than believing in the climate farce.


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