Facebook Highlights Student Loan Ignorance

My daughter shared the perfect meme on Facebook the other day.

It’s not often that Facebook tells the truth, or allows the truth to flow through. But this time, I’d say 100% facts! You know what the surprising thing is? Even some established conservatives are buying into Biden’s bologna because they will benefit personally from this bailout.

Facebook highlighted some of the ignorance floating around. My daughter posted this:

May be an image of text that says 'People cry "My body my choice" well I say "Your student loan, your payments."'

She’s a musician. So she’s not particularly political. But sometimes, common sense just bleeds through all the BS. What I couldn’t believe was the actual war that broke out in the comments session.

Here’s one of the better comments: “A machine worker in Ohio doesn’t need to pay off the loans of a floundering philosophy major in LA. But, Biden sits up at night and thinks of new and inventive ways to screw the American Taxpayer.”

Meanwhile, others commenters were definitely clueless as to the ultimate ruin this move will cause for all of us.

Here’s a slice of the conversation:

One conservative follower wrote:

Should we say “No food stamps! Your kids, you feed them!”? “No Medicaid! Your health, your problem!”?
“No WIC! Bodies make free breast milk!” “NO FREE PASSES TO ANYONE ANYWHERE!” Maybe that’s the mindset we should all have? I wonder. If Trump had proposed this bill, would you be saying it’s wrong? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Biden supporter. But, at the same time, can you support an action even if you don’t like the President?
Of course, these are just tiny snippets of the 31 comments I saw posted. And I just had to intervene. Because there is no such thing as a “free ride.” Somebody somewhere foots the bill.
As I see it, we need to get real. It’s not about Trump vs Biden. Its about fiscal responsibility. It took me 10 years to finish college because I had to balance grants, loans, and raising seven kids with two part-time jobs. And for those of you might not know, when you are low income, you qualify for a Pell Grant, among others. So loans come in after that assistance.
Another commenter added:
Serious question. What if [your kids] REALLY want to go to College? It’s their DREAM to go, because the ONLY path to the career they may want is through a degree… Are you going to tell them absolutely not if you don’t have enough cash in the bank to send them and they can’t get full ride scholarships to go? Do you have any idea how much it costs each year? Are you aware that until they are 23, the law says they have to go off their parents income (EVEN IF THEY DO NOT LIVE AT HOME) for their financial aid. But, there’s still a maximum financial aid they will receive, and it is no where near what will cover even community college. Also, parents have to apply for the student loan BEFORE the student does! Doesn’t matter how crappy your credit is, the parent almost always qualifies! They don’t have to make any payments until they graduate – WOOHOO! But, that doesn’t stop interest from accruing. So, the student graduates college with these loans for degrees that are required for them to go into the work force. Now, not only do they have to make money to pay their bills, they also have to pay down those loans.
Now, I must agree, we do need a better system.
These leftist-controlled “liberal arts” educations are a rip off. Not only is everything overpriced and overinflated, but the actual learning is steadily poisoning the minds of the next generation. But, that doesn’t change the fact that if you borrow it, you owe it. If I buy a crappy car, and it breaks down, I still owe the payments. Do I get to say “this car isn’t good enough, so now everyone needs to help me pay for it”?
Furthermore, I’ve helped several students be declared Independent so they don’t have to use their parents income or they don’t have to get their parents to back their loans. It takes some paperwork, but so does anything else government related. Again, I say YES, we need to overhaul the college tuition costs, but do not borrow what you cannot repay. Especially considering the way loans work right now, where you can get your payments to match your budget. I pay $40 a month because that’s what I can afford.
Canceling this kind of debt is absolutely crazy for our overall national debt. Running a country is like running a household. Only, when you run a household, there’s no deficit spending allowed. The money has to come from somewhere! To put it in another light, it’s like if a parent loans her kids all of her life’s savings. Then she tells those kids they no longer have to pay her back. Well, that’s great for the kids, but then how does the mom retire? She can’t live without groceries, medicine, mortgage money, etc… And truth be told, if you got a degree that put you in a place to make more money than minimum wage, then you can give something back. Even if its $20 a month. But we can argue these points until we’re blue in the face.
What we’re forgetting is that Presidents come and go. But these debts are passed on to our children and grandchildren. We have got to balance the budget and live within our means. Or we can just sit by and watch this country go up in smoke. Just like the Democrats always dreamed of.

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