Liz Cheney THREATENS Republican Party

Republicans in Wyoming are about to jettison lame duck Congresswoman Liz Cheney. To paraphrase a saying: “Hell hath no fury like a Lesbian scorned.”

And boy have Republicans scorned this shrew. But with good reason.

For one thing, Cheney has never been a Republican. I know; what else is new? I’m explaining the obvious about yet another weak-kneed so-called Republican who ran on family pedigree. However, pedigree doesn’t count anymore; results count.

Sadly for Cheney, she has no tangible results. Moreover, pissing off the de facto leader of the Republican Party, namely Donald Trump, hasn’t helped her political future. Thus, according to the New York Times, Cheney wants revenge:

The most closely watched primary of 2022 has not become much of a race at all. Polls show Ms. Cheney losing badly to her rival, Harriet Hageman Mr. Trump’s vehicle for revenge, and the congresswoman has been all but driven out of her Trump-loving state, in part because of death threats, her office says.

Yet for Ms. Cheney, the race stopped being about political survival months ago. Instead, she has used the Aug. 16 contest as a sort of high-profile stage for her martyrdom — and a proving ground for her new crusade.

She used the only debate to tell voters to “vote for somebody else” if they wanted a politician who would violate their oath of office. Last week, she enlisted her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to cut an ad calling Mr. Trump a “coward” who represents the greatest threat to America in the history of the republic.

Did you see Daddy Cheney’s ad?

Dick Cheney called Trump the greatest threat to our Republic.

This old fool may be more delusional than Joe Biden. And his little video won’t help his daughter.

But if you find Cheney’s video tedious, check out the drivel from the Times.

Ms. Cheney’s relentless focus on Mr. Trump has driven speculation — even among longtime family friends — that she is preparing to run for president. She has done little to dissuade such talk.

In the interview, she said she was focused on her primary — and her work on the committee. But it’s far from clear that she could be a viable candidate in the current Republican Party, or whether she has interest in the donor-class schemes about a third-party bid, in part because she knows it may just siphon votes from a Democrat opposing Mr. Trump.

Cheney can’t pull enough votes from Trump to fill a Biden rally.

How long do these RINOs and other Leftists believe they can get away with twisting Lady Liberty’s nipples? America is fighting back.


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