New York Times Fires RACIST Reporter

Leftists display their racism publicly. Sadly, most people don’t know how to spot Leftist racism despite it being so obvious. But I don’t miss it.

Like the most abhorrent racism that Leftists continually display against blacks. The idea that blacks are too stupid to get an ID, for example. Or the racism of low expectation that allows mostly white Leftist enablers to treat blacks like children, thus excusing bad behaviors.

But Leftists don’t just disguise their hatred of blacks in their policies. Leftists hate all minority groups. Openly.

Look at the blatant anti-Semitism of Leftists.

Colleges and universities foment anti-Semitism. They host events that spew hatred of Jews. This hatred is taught at university, then spread to the public by media minions.

One example is Fady Hanona.

Fanona is an Arab freelancer laced with anti-Semite controversy. Fanona condoned killing Jews in a post on social media. Far worse, Fanona endorsed “burning them like Hitler did.”

Hanona allegedly wrote, “Jews are sons of the dogs … I am in favor of killing them and burning them like Hitler did. I will be so happy.”

In another comment the watchdog group captured, Hanona allegedly wrote:

“I don’t accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I’m with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers.”

I can see why The New York Times fired him.

Most outlets tout Hanona as a “fixer in the Gaza Strip”. Fixers are typically on-the-ground freelancers hired to help foreign journalists coordinate logistics and translate. However, Hanona has been described as a reporter as well. Regardless, the Times fired Hanona after a pro-Israel watchdog group exposed his violent posts.

“The New York Times had worked with this freelance reporter only in recent weeks. We are no longer doing so,” a spokesperson said.

Frankly, I love seeing the New York Times being forced to confront their racism. And their confrontation required them to fire one of their racists, namely Hanona.

Like most racist cowards, Hanona has since deleted his social media accounts. And per the Leftist playbook, he hasn’t given any comments to media that we could find.

Clearly, Hanona is not willing to stand by his racism. And I know why. Anti-Semitism should not be tolerated, and he knows it.

In contrast, I stand by the tweet that got me fired. And if Twitter hadn’t (wrongly) removed my account, I would proudly display that tweet. Truth is, the Kavanaugh accusers are skanks. Thus, no lie was told.

How long had the New York Times employed this racist?

According to reports, he had contributed to reporting on the the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians as recently as last week. One can be sure that Hanona reported his one-sided anti-Semitic views.

How many articles did Hanona write for the Times? The Times has so far refused to respond to inquiries about whether Hanona was vetted and how many articles he contributed to. They need to buy a little time to erase as much proof as possible.



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