Facebook Continues to REJECT Covid FACTS!

Obviously, we’ve known big tech censors conservatives, at least for the past six years without a doubt.

However, citizens across the globe are wising up, and using creative means to avoid being censored. Here at the Kevin Jackson Network, we know first hand what happens when the social media powers-that-be don’t like your message. They just get rid of you.

Now, Facebook is feeling pretty salty about all the posts finding their way to the news feeds without detection. Especially considering they are related to the scamdemic, and the death poke that continues to plague the millions of gullible followers who’ve received it thus far.

In fact, according to Trial Site News:

A major media member of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) has warned a primary tech member about vaccine injury groups gaming the system to avoid algorithm detection and thus scrutiny. In what could be described as a dangerous move, the BBC collaborates with Facebook to shut down vaccine injury support groups by universally referring to them as “anti-vaccine” or “anti-vaxxers” and calling out the ways that they use carrot emojis to hide from Facebook their true identity. Members of the TNI are collaborating to purge social media participants that are part of vaccine-injured groups. Even if some of them, or even many of them, are in fact vaccine injured, the policies of the BBC and Facebook, as well as other media and social tech companies assume that there are absolutely no vaccine-injured persons and that such persons have no rights whatsoever to share their stories.

The BBC reports that a number of purported vaccine injury groups involving hundreds if not thousands of members used the emoji in place of the word “vaccine” in a bid to avoid Facebook algorithms.

The BBC reports that “several groups, one with hundreds of thousands of members, in which the emoji appears in place of the word ‘vaccine.’” The BBC’s Zoe Kleinman wrote that Facebook parent company Meta was alerted, and the groups were removed.

According to a statement from Facebook:

“We have removed this group for violating our harmful misinformation policies and will review any other similar content in line with this policy. We continue to work closely with public health experts and the UK government to further tackle Covid vaccine misinformation.”

I seem to have lost count of the “misinformation” Facebook removed. Such as Hunter Biden’s laptop. Or voter fraud. Then there’s the whole Russian narrative. Zuckerberg’s even tried to say that politics play a “very little” part in Facebook communications, and as such he was pushing people out of political groups into “more healthy communities“.

I would think warning people about the dangers of a vaccine that could damage your heart, kill your unborn child, or lead to your own death might be just the kind of “healthy community” sharing we need!

Just last week, the CDC admitted to LYING to the public about its Covid-19 vaccine monitoring.

Unfortunately, vaccine monitoring wasn’t their only admission. Finally, the link between the vaccine and myocarditis was confirmed! And while Facebook pushed back on that as #FakeNews for nearly two years, the Kevin Jackson Network has consistently warned our readers of the dangers wrapped around what Jackson coined “the death poke”.

No wonder Facebook groups had to get clever. It was the only way to keep the message alive in a world where Mark Zuckerberg decides between true and false based on his fancy, and not evidence.

The article continues:

…the BBC’s Kleinman reports that the groups are back even though they were taken down from Facebook.  According to Kleinman, the groups the BBC and Facebook label as anti-vax groups sought to rebrand themselves as places where people can share vaccine stories, for example sharing “banter, bets and funny video.”

But behind the scenes, the groups were using code words for communication purposes. For example, “Do not use the c word, v word or b word ever” (covid, vaccine booster). The particular group has 250,000 members.

Marc Owen-Jones, a misinformation specialist at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, shared that instead of using words such as “Covid-19” or “Vaccine,” the group was instructed to use emojis of carrots as an example apparently to evade the fake news detection algorithms reports Ms. Kleinman.

In the BBC piece, it’s identified that an Online Safety Bill could come into law which would lead to “steep penalties for failing to identify removing harmful material on their platforms.”

What if there are actually vaccine-injured persons? Currently, the BBC doesn’t recognize that there are actually adverse events and some deaths, albeit rare, that occur with the COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, even at a rare rate of one-tenth of one percent hundreds, this would translate into hundreds of thousands of vaccines injured in the United States alone.

Vaccine Deaths

There’s no “what-if” to it. There are millions of vaccine-injured people around the world. And many of them walk around completely unaware of the damage that’s been done. I’m reminded of a story I saw on the morning news months ago. A mother forced her 17 year-old son to get vaccinated.

Her son was dead set against the shot, but she played the parent card. Shortly thereafter, he died on the basketball court from heart failure. Where is the Facebook censor that wants to tell this mother that vaccine deaths don’t happen?

The BBC, the CDC, and the USA can all try to deny the existence of vaccine injuries, but the truth will always find it’s way out. With or without emojis.

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