Finally! Fauci Fesses Up, Sort of…

As Fauci prepares for life out of the top medical spot, it seems he’s being a little more liberal with the truth.

At least enough to admit he definitely knew the “draconian” measures he pushed for during the pandemic would create “collateral negative consequences” for the “economy” and “schoolchildren.”

Of course, we already knew this. It’s just nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

As Fox News reports:

Fauci’s comments came during day one of The Atlantic Festival, a three-day convention put on by the media outlet The Atlantic featuring speeches and interviews from prominent members of the media, the government, and political activists.

During the event, Fauci spoke with The Atlantic editor Ross Andersen in front of a live audience about c his experiences as the leading medical professional working in the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In one segment of his talk, the doctor spoke about his guidance in instituting “draconian” pandemic guidance knowing full well there would be “collateral” damage stemming from it.

That’s not to say Fauci put any blame on himself.

Instead he blamed social media. Not the platforms, but the users! According to Fauci, the real fault lies with “the ‘divisiveness’ of ‘social media’ for turning every piece of his guidance during the pandemic into a confusing and controversial statement.”

“When you have a divisiveness in society where every time you say something, you have X number of people with social media looking to attack it, that adds to the understandable confusion when you’re dealing with an evolving outbreak,” Fauci stated.

He then justified his harsh COVID guidance, including pushing the federal government to mandate lockdowns, masking, and later, vaccination, because hospitals were being “overrun.”

“Of course, when you make recommendations, if the primary goal when you’re dealing with a situation where the hospitals were being overrun in New York, intensive care units were being put in hallways, you have to do something that’s rather draconian,” the doctor admitted.

He continued, “And sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the schoolchildren. You know that.”

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Worth the Risk?

Obviously, Fauci still pretends these consequences were worth the risk. In fact, he specifically said; “you have to make a balance when you’re dealing with – we know the only way to stop something cold in its track is to try and shut things down.”

Yet, according to the “science”, covid was never shut down. All it does it mutate. Sort of like the common cold. And, also like the common cold, it very unlikely to kill you, or seriously harm you. So did we really need to close down the entire country?

More than 200,000 small businesses were forced to close their doors forever. Our country is still bleeding money. On one hand, Joe Biden declared “covid is over,” while on the other hand, he still wants to push through an additional $22 billion in COVID relief funding, on top of trillions in earlier pandemic spending.

Yet, as they say, “it’s just money.” The real costs are those that come at the sake of our well-being. Or our family’s well-being. The vaccine dangers were clearly hidden from us, often times causing far more damage than covid itself would. Countless children and teens now suffer from depression and/or anxiety due to the lockdowns. In fact, one of my own teens reports developing social anxiety after the months spent avoiding the classroom.

School districts are now trying to address the “covid gap,” as education reports now reveal school closures and distance learning created “the largest average score decline in reading since 1990, and the first ever score decline in mathematics” among US pupils.

Meanwhile, Fauci gets to move on to retirement, and even take a pretty benefits package with him, courtesy of the US taxpayer. So, while it’s great to hear Fauci admit he knew things would go bad, he didn’t even take full responsibility. Nor will he ever do a damned thing to help us pick up the pieces.

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