Beyond Midterms: Do Americans WANT a Trump/Biden Rematch?

Pollsters think they know the answer.

In just 10 days, the elections will be decided, assuming we have no major counting discrepancies.

I’m feeling very confidant that Republicans will bring home the wins across the board. The Senate majority will be Republican. The House majority will be Republican. And Democrats will start to see the writing on the wall. They are finished in 2024.

Why? Because Americans want to win again. Simple as that. And Joe Biden made it pretty clear- it will never happen under his administration. Clearly, that leaves Democrat voters with a case of buyer’s remorse. Thus, given the circumstances under which Biden squirmed his way into office, it seems only natural to consider what would happen in a Trump/Biden rematch.

I’ll tell you the answer, but first, let’s look at what the pollsters have to say.

No-Go For Launch

If we are to believe some polls, it seems people don’t want Trump or Biden to run again.

Fox News elaborates:

A majority of likely U.S. voters do not want to see a rematch between President Biden and former President Donald Trump in 2024, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll.

Approximately 64% of voters do not want Biden to run again in 2024, compared to 26% who do.

Additionally, 68% of poll respondents do not want to see Trump run for a second, non-sequential term in the 2024 presidential election, compared to 27% who would support a decision to run again.

Political parties’ internal enthusiasm for a Biden-Trump rematch are similarly strained.

The poll found that 45% of Democrats say they would like Biden to run again in the next presidential election, compared to 43% who say they do not want him to run.

Of GOP voters, 56% said they would like to see Trump run in 2024, while 39% said they would not.

Of course, I think more than 64% of voters are ready to see Biden disappear. I think it’s more like 94%, but either the pollsters are lying, or the people answering the questions are not some random representative sample. Heck, it’s entirely possible that some of the people answering these polls are just giving random answers for the fun of it.

Either way, I’d say never put too much faith in what you get from the polls. Because if you look around enough, you can easily find a polls that backs your own line of thought.

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T for the Win

A recent Quinnipiac polls finds 78% of Republicans want Trump to run again. For the record, that’s the 78% who remember what it was like to be winning. That same poll shows deep partisan divides plaguing our country.

Quinnipiac says:

A slight majority of Americans, 52 – 41 percent, say the country is worse off today than it was a year ago. There are sharp partisan divides. Democrats say 76 – 14 percent that the country is better off, while Republicans say 94 – 5 percent and independents say 56 – 38 percent that the country is worse off today than it was a year ago.

The same polls shows support for Donald Trump is actually growing while satisfaction with Biden continues to shrink.

While you can subscribe to as many polls as you choose, and read them religiously, I don’t think the heartbeat of America is actually found in their little games of 20 questions. If you want to know what America really thinks, get your booty outside and pay attention.

Wake up, America!

I spend my summers on the Texas coast. There, you see people from all around, gathered at the beach, soaking up the sun and having a good time.

Here’s what I’ve seen year after year: Rows of cars and trucks decked out with Trump flags along with American and Texan flags. Trump t-shirts, bobble heads, kites and towels. MAGA hats. The list goes on and on. It’s every piece of right wing merchandise you can imagine, and it sells like hot-cakes. Here’s what I’ve never seen: a Biden flag. A Biden t-shirt. A Pelosi flag, t-shirt, or kite. Anything with Chuck Schumer or the First Son. I’m willing to bed this is a much better representation of who believes what.

Those country boys decorating their trucks with Trump flags are putting their money with their mouths are. Those Biden believers answering a phone survey have no actual investment in their beliefs. To me, this means their beliefs are set in stone.

So, what does America really want?

Americans want to see Trump vindicated for 2020. They want back in the wins column. We’ve seen what it’s like to make more money, go to bed in a safter place, and watch our country prosper. And we’re ready to do whatever it takes to get those wins back. Even if it means putting an orange man on top.

If it comes down to a Trump/Biden rematch, fine by us. Of course, Democrats would be STUPID to put Biden back on their ticket. But I don’t think we can rule the possibility out completely, even if 90% of Americans don’t want to see the bumbling idiot run. As we say all the time, even Democrats are surprised by their own stupidity.

However, I predict Democrats will put someone else on the ticket– someone who can acknowledge Biden’s fumbles and promise to carry the ball a lot further. (That would be the smartest way to play it.)

Meanwhile, Republicans will pretend they are seriously considering other contenders. They want to appear as if they’re not bonified Trump-groupies. But the denial will only last so long. At the end of the day, Trump will get the nomination, and from there, it’s self-explanatory. But for those of you that might not connect the dots as quickly, Trump will annihilate the one who stands against him in 2024.

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