Democrats Leaving Party in MASSIVE Numbers

Would you switch parties to become a Democrat? I doubt it.

Perhaps a more intriguing question is, “Would you trade places with a Democrat?” Again, I doubt it. That’s like asking a black Leftist if he would trade places with an African. While black Leftists decry America, make no mistake about it: they would NEVER trade with a real African.

Such is the hypocrisy of Democrats. These days, all Americans indirectly ask themselves, “Which party would you rather be part of?!”

I know the answer for most Americans, including Democrats. Trust me when I tell you that Democrats don’t want to be Democrats. But they stay Democrats out of necessity. Because Democrats fear leaving their party. Clearly, that takes balls the size of Alaska.

They know that the Democratic Party is a cult. Hotel California is a Shangri-La compared to leaving the Democratic Party. Leaving the Democratic Party is like trying to leave “the firm”.

To leave the Democrats, you either leave in secret, or wait for all the other closeted Republicans to move en masse.

Another reason Democrats don’t leave is because being a Democrat is the easy way out; at least for the soulless. Cushy union jobs or welfare. Either way you get something for nothing. That’s a specialty of Democrats.

Some stay hoping to achieve that hallowed ground of “untouchable”; like Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden. Both of whom should be in prison, yet they received special “white privilege” handling.

Regardless, most Democrats still want out. They are like the gangbangers in the streets of major cities across America. They know their work is evil, but as the gangs say, “blood in, blood out”. So while Democrats will do their dirty work, they look longingly at Conservatives. They hate that we stand on principle and can speak our minds freely.

Democrats are like Jeffrey Dahmer

I watched the mini-series on Jeffrey Dahmer. And I can safely say that Dahmer provides the perfect metaphor for being a Democrat.

For example, Dahmer knew his actions were crazy. Worse, he told the people around him who ignored his crazy. They didn’t want to hear it. So they passed Dahmer along.

Ironically, Dahmer should have been caught many times. But like Democrats, people kept making excuses for him. In one instance, Dahmer sodomized a kid and was caught. When in court, the judge actually gave him a break, saying that he knows that Dahmer needed a second chance.

Dahmer had already killed multiple men by this time. Even Dahmer was floored at what the judge did.

As you consider that story or perhaps saw the episode of the Dahmer show, understand that Democrats are exactly like Dahmer. They can’t believe they are being allowed to get away with their crimes.

Let’s review some of the craziness of Leftism.

Saving babies versus saving death-row criminals. Guess which one Democrats want to save and which they fight to kill.

Conservatives want law and order versus while Democrats usher in a record crime wave in every major city in the country, save none.

Democrats hate to win, especially when it comes to the economy. They just throw “free money” at every problem and pretend inflation isn’t happening. Conservatives seek to solve problems, including inflation, and love to see our economy boom.

Is it any wonder that Democrat had a major defection in Tulsi Gabbard?

During the 2020 election cycle, Tulsi Gabbard was considered a rising star among Democrats. In fact, at one point she even threw her hat into the presidential ring. But as we already know, that was the year of countless Democrat nominees. And with a choice like Gabbard, one has to further see the lunacy of putting Biden in the driver seat.

Now, we have to wonder. Is there a new sun rising in the Republican ranks?


Breitbart adds:

Democrat defector Tulsi Gabbard has endorsed Republican Tudor Dixon in her race to unseat Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In a tweet on Thursday, Tudor Dixon gleefully accepted Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement, announcing that she will be campaigning with her in Michigan next week.

“[Tulsi] has been a voice of reason across party lines. She is courageously speaking her mind and showing us all what it means to be a leading independent thinker. I am honored to have her support and cannot wait to welcome her to Michigan next week!” announced Dixon.

It will be interesting to see if Gabbard’s support will have the Trump effect on Dixon’s campaign. I predict it will be exactly what Dixon needs to pull ahead on election day. Further, it might cement Gabbard’s front-row seat among conservatives.

Though Tulsi Gabbard has long been a favorite among Trump supporters for her unwillingness to toe the Democrat Party line, she upgraded her status to legendary this month when she formally defected from the party she previously called home.

“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism,” Gabbard said on an episode of The Tulsi Gabbard Show.

“Who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our constitution. Who are hostile to people of faith and spirituality. Who demonize the police, but protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans. Who believes in open borders,” she added.

I’d say that just about sums up the lunacy of the left.




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