Biden’s Ready: “I believe I can beat Donald Trump again!”

It’s just like Mama Gump used to say: “Stupid is as Stupid does!” And that’s exactly what Joe Biden’s latest comment is: STUPID!

In a sit-down with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Biden decided to tackle the “tough” questions, such as dealing with Putin, investigating Hunter, and his plans for reelection.

Of course, Biden did say he’s waiting to see how November plays out, before making his final plans. But the president hinted that he’s definitely considering running in 2024.

Did you see the smile on this guy’s face? He’s single-handedly ruined this country, and it didn’t take him four years to do it. And not only does he believe he didn’t cheat his way into the Oval Office, he also thinks people love him so much they’ll reseat him for a second term.

I can already hear Trump laughing. Biden couldn’t beat Trump at shuffleboard, much less a presidential election. And despite the many so-called “fact checkers” and leftist extremist opinions, there’s no way Joe Biden got more votes that Barack Obama, aka Baby Black Jesus. And if Biden couldn’t beat Obama, Biden certainly didn’t beat Donald Trump.

Of course, the left will never admit how the Big Cheat actually happened. Which is quite sad, considering what we’ve gone through. I’d give my eye-teeth to prove Biden cheated, especially if such proof could remove him from office. But, it’s okay. Soon enough, America will usher in a red tsunami. And that will be the wave that prepares the world for 2024.

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The Rest of the Story

Reelection wasn’t the only subject Biden broached in his interview with Tapper. He also pretending to have Putin on a string.

CNN explains:

The first president since the 1980s to really have to game out calculations about nuclear arsenals and deterrence, Biden was asked by Jake Tapper whether he thought that Putin – who has warned he is prepared to use every option in Russia’s arsenal – might consider detonating one of the world’s most heinous weapons as an act of desperation in a losing war.

Biden replied: “I don’t think he will.”

But the President, who first touched on this subject at an off-camera fundraiser in New York last week, made crystal clear he was sending a public message to Putin about the dangers of thinking that using a lower yield, tactical nuclear bomb would be an isolated event.

“What I am talking about, I am talking to Putin. He, in fact, cannot continue with impunity to talk about the use of a tactical nuclear weapon as if that’s a rational thing to do,” Biden said, before warning of dangerous consequences of such a move.

“The mistakes get made, the miscalculation could occur, no one could be sure what would happen and it could end in Armageddon,” he said, again stressing that a nuclear blast that kills thousands of people could lead to events barreling way out of control.

Biden might be trying to talk tough, but I doubt Putin feels threatened by a guy who can’t even remember how his own son died. Of course, if Trump were still in office, one can bet Russia would’ve stayed in their own lane instead of starting a war with Ukraine.

CNN adds:

Biden signaled in the Tapper interview that he saw no real rationale to meet Putin when both leaders are expected to be at the G20 summit in Indonesia next month. But he did leave one intriguing door open to the Russian leader, saying he’d sit down with Putin if he were willing to discuss the fate of US basketball star Brittney Griner, who was sentenced in August to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to drugs smuggling. The US says Griner and another American, former US Marine Paul Whelan, have been wrongfully detained. Washington has offered to swap jailed Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout for the two Americans.

“Look, I have no intention of meeting with him, but look, if he came to me at the G20 and said, ‘I want to talk about the release of Griner,’ I would meet with him, but that would depend,” Biden said.

The President also downplayed the idea that more generally there was anything to talk about.

“He’s acted brutally, I think he’s committed war crimes, and so I don’t… see any rationale to meet with him now.”

In other words, Biden’s actually confused about what’s going on, so he just made some random statement to fill the air.

Things would be quite different under a Trump Administration.

Not that Griner would deserve Trump’s interference, but if he were still in office, she’d be home already. Just like the UCLA basketball players that decided shoplifting in China was a good idea. But hey, I’m sure Griner will have no problem getting Biden on her side. All she has to do is tell him he already decided to get her out of there. His dementia is so bad these days, he’ll believe Griner and set about to set her free.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, the Griner family might want to consider voting for Trump in 2024. Truth is, it’s her only hope for an early release.



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