Check it Out: AOC’s in Big Trouble

Watching AOC be heckled on gender has me wondering what happened to the left’s poster child for change?

Isn’t she the go-to leftist for all things needing radical change?

Apparently, there are enough people ready to get rid of her that a protest popped up at her latest appearance.

According to MSN:

Protestors confronted the second-term congresswoman at a town hall in Queens on Wednesday night.

The grinning congresswoman shrugged off the aggressive criticism as she sipped from a water bottle and began to move her shoulders in beat with the chants.

She sat on a stage throughout, and continued to smile even as one furious woman appeared ready to combust with rage while screaming herself hoarse from the seats.

Despite AOC’s famously progressive bent, the crowds showing up to protest her candidacy claim she has moved too far away from her original, anti-elitist platform and turned into one of the politicians she was elected to replace.

Comedian Alex Stein posted a video of AOC commanding the crowd to ‘listen!’

He jokingly wrote, ‘I can’t tell you in words how much it turns me on when AOC talks like this!’

Some scolded the sitting member for her apparent disregard for the views of the people who put her in office.

‘You’re [sic] own constituents heckled you the other night and you just started dancing and degrading them? Hopefully they’re actually waking up and realizing that you have yet to pass one single piece of legislation for them or anyone else and they’ll vote you out of office!’ wrote Brent Smith.

A user identified by the handle @nashland wrote, ‘You are an embarrassment and disgrace, sitting there ‘dancing’ at your town hall meeting instead of addressing the very serious issues people are raising. You think war is funny?’

Tiffany Justice, the cofounder of parents’ rights group Moms for Liberty, wrote: ‘Any good leader would be thoughtful when handling constituents who are upset with their leadership. Not this woman.

‘Watch as AOC sits, legs spread wide open, mocking her constituents by dancing and sticking out her tongue as they tell her they want her out of office. Gross,’ she said.

As the shouts in the room grew louder, AOC said to one man in the crowd, ‘very classy, thank you Sir.’

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Like always, Tweeters Weigh In

It’s not surprising that the opinions published aren’t of the highest caliber.

These poor guys had their opinion tagged as “misleading” by the Twitter “powers-that-be”.

If anything, AOC just proved, once again, the truth regarding Democrats. They have lost their ever-loving minds. The entire party is comprised of complete frauds.

That’s the thing about leftists. They are always complete frauds.

Leftist Lunatics

It would be great if the lunacy was limited to the Adam Schiffs and AOCs of the party. But it’s not. No one could have intentionally put as many con artists and deceivers in one house as this Congress holds. From Russian collusion to J6, it is nothing but lies and fabrications. At this point, the deceit is so transparent, my kids can pinpoint the bizarre behaviors that define leftism.

Meanwhile, Conservatives continue to face censorship for telling the truth. For example, COVID was and is a huge scam. The truth trickles out one little morsel at a time. All the while, Biden continues to dedicate his term to undoing Trump’s massive successes.

Whether he’s canceling pipelines or forgiving student loans at an alarming rate, nothing this man does enhances our economy. Unemployment is once again a problem. Bidenflation is killing off small businesses and putting families in the poor house.

There is no denying the state we’re in. Everyone can see it. And with less than two weeks until midterms, you can bet Democrats feel the foundation cracking. If you want to be on the inside as this red tsunami rolls in, tune in to Kevin Jackson’s podcast. He will tell you straight up just how badly Democrats have scammed this nation. Stick with us, and help undo the damage they’ve done by keeping the conservative message alive and well, despite the Social Media censors trying to silence us.




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