FINALLY: AOC Gets “SCHOOLED” by Fellow Party Members

Apparently, nuclear war is mere child's play.

If you judged a book by Twitter’s cover, one would think AOC is wildly popular. However, if you go by her latest turnout, it’s quite clear that AOC is all smoke and mirrors- pure illusion.

In fact, AOC couldn’t even pack in a local high school during her latest appearance. Bronxdale HS in New York invited the Congresswoman to speak at their Q & A, hoping she might “bring down the house,” so to speak.

Instead, the event was sparsely populated. However, former supporters made it a point to show and make their voices heard.

Of course, you know Twitter, even when most conservatives are silenced, the replies are often priceless.

Fabulous indeed!

One of the protesters, Joe Vega, tweeted a video of the confrontation and wrote, “my friend @Noggatone and I confronted Congresswoman @AOC on her support for Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis. I call her out for being a coward in the face of the party that will push us all into Nuclear war right now. Will she stand up like @TulsiGabbard and fight for peace?”

I wouldn’t count on AOC to stand up and fight for anything. She’s too busy building up her collection of leftist lies. Like that time AOC went down to El Paso to see the terrible conditions migrants live in, after which she pretended to be outraged over the conditions.

AOC took her claims that people were forced to drink out of toilets while living in violent and inhumane conditions to social media, with fake photos to back her up. But immigration officials called her out.

I wish I could call it an isolated incident. But she’s got enough lies to line them up from New York to Texas and back again. And people are getting tired of it. But more than her dishonesty, AOC has an intelligence problem.

Understanding Inflation

AOC clearly demonstrated her inability to understand inflation, showing instead her propensity for showing her a$$ instead.

According to The Hill:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday evening mocked a Fox News contributor after he said high inflation made his lunch at Taco Bell total $28.

“You want to know how bad inflation is?” said Scott Martin, who is also the chief investment officer at Kingsview Partners.

“Yesterday, yes, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell,” Martin continued during the appearance on Fox Business’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” “It cost me about $28 at Taco Bell for lunch. People need to pay for those things and they do that by getting jobs and getting in the economy and getting active and getting involved.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded to the clip after it went viral on Twitter.

“If someone is talking politics and eating $28 of Taco Bell in one sitting, then my immediate follow up question is what their thoughts are on Biden’s executive order on cannabis rescheduling,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

Neil Cavuto, the show’s host, also appeared to mock Martin’s claimed feat of spending $28 at the fast-food chain.

“Wait a minute, you spent $28 at Taco Bell for just yourself?” Cavuto asked.

“For lunch, yeah. It’s true,” Martin responded.

Supply and Demand

The Taco Bell example came to light just one day after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest consumer price index, which found that prices rose faster than expected in September.

The consumer price index rose 0.4 percent in September and 8.2 percent over the past year, surpassing economists’ expectations of a 0.3 percent monthly gain and an 8.1 percent annual gain.

The measure is the latest sign of persistently strong inflation that hit a roughly 40-year high earlier this year.

It is also likely to put pressure on the Federal Reserve to keep raising interest rates to cool off demand, furthering worries that such a move could tip the economy into a recession.

Of course, supply and demand is a bit more complicated than AOC can understand. But she might want to figure it out fast, because the demand for a bartender-turned-congressional-liar is about to crash and burn.


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