Pollsters Beg Biden: PLEASE STOP Doing This

Two weeks! Democrats literally have two weeks before we can officially say it’s the end of an era.

You can bet Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and all the other crazies are shaking in their shorts. Because NOTHING they do or say can erase what Biden has done. And said.

In fact, pollsters now say the absolute worst thing Biden can do is brag about his accomplishments. You know, like those three degrees he earned simultaneously while on scholarship. Or that time he was arrested fighting the good fight during the Civil Rights movement. And let’s not forget when he went down to Ukraine and he showed ’em who’s the boss! Oh, how the list goes on and on…

In fact, the list is so long and distinguished that leftists want the man to just shut the front door before anything else escapes.

Meanwhile, Biden thinks all this bragging will rally the troops. But he’s actually sending people to the right faster that conservatives can recruit them.

The Big “Wins”

The day Biden took over the Oval Office, his first order of business was to undo as many Trump policies as he possibly could in one day. For example, he canceled the Keystone Pipeline. I wonder if he’s even smart enough to claim that mistake in hindsight? But I’m guessing $5 gasoline and thousands of lost jobs aren’t enough to wake this man up.

Then, there’s that “pulling out of Afghanistan” fiasco. The president single-handedly brought back the Taliban, which is the very terror organization that Trump almost completely obliterated. Let’s not forget the more than nine thousand Americans who were left behind, along with allies, including one man that once saved Biden’s sorry behind. Further, we left behind service dogs. My blood still boils at the thought of abandoning these animals that bravely served our military. And worst of all, we lost thirteen Marines. It was like Benghazi 2.0, because Biden is to blame for those deaths. Yet, he will stand in front of a crowd and fumble his words while taking credit for “leaving Afghanistan.” Sure, we left, but is that what we should have done? By the way, we also left all of our military equipment. A parting gift for the Taliban, I suppose.

Next up, there’s the economy.

The one Biden says is doing so well. The record unemployment Trump created is GONE. Inflation is so high, it had to be renamed Bidenflation. Gasoline is a nightmare, and groceries are even scarier. A few months ago, I tracked my grocery spending for one month. I included everything I get at Walmart. Food, pet supplies, detergents, hygiene items, whatever was on the list. When I topped $3,200, I quit looking. And I know I’m not the only one with no savings left. No more cushion. In fact, more than 13 million American children went hungry last year. That’s sickening, and there’s no excuse for such failures.

Under President Trump, I got my first new vehicle in over twelve years- a shiny black Suburban that seats nine. I proudly filled her up every single week with a fifty-dollar bill. Now, my stomach turns when I get close to empty because a Benjamin won’t even top her off. And the so-called President of the United States says everything is a-okay. But I say, “Nope, not even close!”.

What else can Biden brag about?

The pandemic? Relations with China? Trade? Border security- or shall I say the lack thereof? We have an epidemic of sex traffickers and rainbow fentanyl targeting our children every single day. How ’bout that crackhead son of his, the one who is such a “good kid,” according to dear old dad? Hunter’s “art” is just one of many ways he sold access to his father. I won’t even go into the creepy showers Ashley Biden was forced to endure.

The Numbers Are In

With so many “good” things on Biden’s resume, Dems have a lot to look forward to- like a Republican regime.

As Fox News put it:

One seasoned pollster is sounding the alarm that Democratic messaging, particularly from President Joe Biden, could be severely hampering the party ahead of the midterm elections, according to a Politico report.

Stan Greenberg, who was a pollster for President Bill Clinton and is married to Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., told the media outlet that Biden’s attempts to highlight his in-office accomplishments as a way to rally the base has the opposite effect on voters.

“It’s our worst performing message,” he told Politico’s West Wing Playbook, which focuses on the ins and outs of the White House.

Greenberg said he has been alerting the Democratic Party that its long-held belief that voters need to hear more about its accomplishments is inaccurate.

“I’ve tested it,” he added, noting that Democrats appeared to lose polling leads following speeches by Biden in which he listed off accomplishments rather than policy objectives.

“I’m stunned about how much of the Democratic commentary is winging it,” Greenberg told Playbook. “[Republicans are] hitting us on crime and border and inflation.”

And we will keep hitting hard, until every single vote is counted and we take back our power from the toxic leftists who now play a game of “seek and destroy” with our county. One nation, under God, indivisible, as long as we put the leftism in check.




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