Declassified: Biden BOTCHED the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Incompetent, Sloppy and Mismanaged

File this under “Obvious”, as we learn through declassified documents that Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal.

What’s most interesting is that Biden is so brain-dead that he thinks he did a good job. What a clown.

Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal is much worse than cheating his way into the presidency. And now America pays for hostages, aka the remaining Americans who Biden left behind.

Newly-released papers compiled in the aftermath of the failed August exit provided an insider look at the feckless Biden policy surrounding the withdrawal. Indecisiveness on behalf of those responsible in the Biden administration was blamed for the chaos. And the Bungler in Chief is the Chief Chaos Officer.

In an attempt to save face during the evacuation, Biden refused to close the U.S. embassy in Kabul. Because of this, Biden compounded an already tenuous situation, according to the damning documents.

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Understand that this report is no vast right-wing conspiracy.

These are just the facts compiled three weeks after the final military personnel were back in the U.S.

And while Biden dismisses the report, the summary was verified by U.S. commanders who were on the ground in Afghanistan. They too described their frustrations, calling the evacuation sloppy and mismanaged. By sloppy and mismanaged, I’m guessing they mean when Biden handed over a list of names of American citizens still trapped there. Or maybe they meant when Biden abandoned the very man who once saved Biden’s sorry ass in a war zone.

Recall Biden’s comments on multiple occasions where he admitted to completely underestimating how fast the Taliban would regain control of the country. This miscalculation led to the public sodomy Biden experienced.

Biden and his team anticipated Kabul would take weeks or even months to fall. Instead, the city fell within a matter of hours.

Biden promptly blamed the installed Afghani president, and then accused the troops of being untrained or unwilling to fight. Let’s say that’s true. Still, isn’t it Biden’s responsibility to know that?

Biden also tried to blame President Trump. And when that didn’t pan out, Biden blamed Obama. There is only one person Biden refuses to hold responsible, and that would be the Bungler in Chief.

Oddly enough, under President Trump, the Taliban didn’t dare make such moves, for fear of the inevitable “check mate.”

But that wasn’t the only failure in the evacuation.

Remember that 13 Marines needlessly lost their lives in the Biden-created chaos.

On August 26 a suicide bomber outside the Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate killed those 13 Marines and an estimated 170 Afghans.

As of this report, Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. Nine thousand, possibly more. And if Biden’s first year proves anything, those Americans are on their own.


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