Trump vs Biden: A Tale of Two Football Games

Jill Biden showed up at a Philadelphia Eagles football game over the weekend. She was apparently there to promote the White House cancer initiatives.

I’m guessing she didn’t get the memo. Joe Biden never got around to curing cancer, and real football fans don’t want to deal with leftists. But somehow, Jill managed to be an “honorary captain” of the undefeated Eagles. Frankly, as superstitious as professional athletes can be, I’m surprised they let a Biden anywhere near their field during a winning season. It’s bad juju if you ask me.

Funny enough, leftists were in a tailspin over the boos.

I tweeted that guy and encouraged him to apologize for calling the truth a lie. But that’s typical leftist behavior, so I won’t hold my breath. Nor will I hold my breath for Jill Biden to realize how wildly unpopular she really is.

Think about it, she’s worse than Joe Biden, because she is Joe Biden’s keeper. Insiders swear she’s in control of her own faculties. But if that’s the truth, where the hell was this woman when Ashley Biden was forced to give her dad inappropriate showers? Her own daughter wasn’t safe with this man, yet she believed the entire country would benefit from his “leadership”. That’s a rabbit hole I just can’t go down. But I digress. Today, I will just stick to football, because I love football. As long as there isn’t a Kaepernick around.

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Biden’s boos were undeniable inside Lincoln Financial Field. Which reminded me of another football game a few years back. I remember like it was yesterday. Donald Trump, alongside First Lady Melania Trump, was greeted with pounding cheers when he showed up for the college football national championship game in January of 2020.

Melania could be seen with tears of pride welling up in her eyes as the national anthem played. Both LSU and Clemson fans went wild for the greatest president in modern history. The applause was literally unstoppable.

Things that make you go ‘hmmm’.

A Trump walks into a stadium, the fans go wild. A Biden walks into a stadium and the fans get angry fast. That says a lot about the story of America over the past six years. For four miraculous trips around the sun, we were brought back to our former glory. The stock market was up, crime was down, unemployment hit record lows, prisons were reformed, businesses that retreated to overseas markets came back to America, and more. We were once again respected around the globe.

Two years with Biden, and our military is lost. Disney’s gone woke, crime is rampant, the stock market is crashing, a depression is upon us. There is a labor shortage and millions of people now prefer unemployment to actual accomplishment. Inflation is the worst its ever been! There is no glory. There is only failure and misery. Trump was the best of times and Biden is the worst of times. And the only hope we now hold is coming November 8th. Please God let that red tsunami rain down on everything to the left…



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