Will Trump Hold-over Finally Charge Hunter Biden?

It’s pretty clear that there’s been enough evidence to throw the book at Hunter Biden for some time now. There is a multitude of charges that could and should be leveled against the president’s son.

This isn’t even about smoking crack with prostitutes or fathering a child out of wedlock or raking in millions of dollars to do a job he knew nothing about as a political favor. Instead, the latest possible charges surround tax crimes and making false statements regarding a gun purchase.

In fact, the final decision lies in the hands of David Weiss, U.S. Attorney appointed by Donald Trump in 2017.

According to Breitbart:

Hunter is reportedly under investigation for tax fraud, money laundering, and gun and foreign lobbying violations. Hunter has reportedly tried to settle the case out of court and has paid $1 million to the IRS to evade conviction or a long sentence.

President Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has refused to say whether a special counsel should be placed over the investigation to maintain a just probe. A special counsel would provide distance from Joe Biden and the investigation into Hunter and the Biden family business dealings.

Hunter’s attorney Chris Clark did not dispute the potential charges but blamed the justice department for leaking to the press, a similar tactic the DOJ has used during its investigations of former President Donald Trump.

“It is a federal felony for a federal agent to leak information about a Grand Jury investigation such as this one,” Clark told the Post:

We expect the Department of Justice will diligently investigate and prosecute such bad actors. As is proper and legally required, we believe the prosecutors in this case are diligently and thoroughly weighing not just evidence provided by agents, but also all the other witnesses in this case, including witnesses for the defense. That is the job of the prosecutors. They should not be pressured, rushed, or criticized for doing their job.

Clark also claimed he has not been contacted by any federal agent. “Therefore, a rendition of the case from such an ‘agent’ is inherently biased, one-sided, and inaccurate,” he said. “It is regrettable that law enforcement agents appear to be violating the law to prejudice a case against a person who is a target simply because of his family name.

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Talk about irony!

How many times have the Trumps been targeted because of their family name? In fact, the New York Attorney General recently filed suit against several Trump friends, family members and business associates. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is caught red-handed selling access to the president. But his attorney didn’t even acknowledge those little facts as he cried foul.

The article continues:

The report comes after Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) stated last month he believes former FBI agent Timothy Thibault “shut down” a totally separate probe that is likely unrelated to the ongoing criminal probe concerning reported tax fraud by the president’s son. Grassley said Thibault’s alleged shutting down of the laptop probe “calls into question what U.S attorney Weiss is actually investigating.”

Questions still remain if any probe into Hunter will implicate President Joe Biden. Joe Biden and his staff have claimed seven times the president has had no part in the family business, but he has been involved in at least 17 instances.

Sixty-two percent of registered voters believe Joe Biden likely consulted and perhaps profited from Biden family business deals. Sixty percent said Hunter Biden has sold “influence and access” to the president.

With facts like these, who needs fiction? We’ve got sex, lies and videotape all in one president’s son. I just hope Weiss won’t be backed down by the Democrat powers-that-be. With an election just a month away, leftists will do their best to keep all their scandalous behavior out of the headlines. It’s up to us to keep the truth alive, and cast our votes accordingly.

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