Biden Finally Tells the Truth: Life is HELL

Democrats are desperate. They have less than a week to get it together. Time to call in the big guns, if only they had one.

Instead, they called in the blubbering fool who sits in the Oval Office wondering if he can still spell his name. The one and only creepy Joe Biden.

This guy couldn’t fill an elementary cafeteria, but he’s supposed to inspire the entire Democrat party to in-turn inspire voters. As such, Biden traveled to Miami to campaign for a few no-names. Charlie Crist, who is running against Gov. DeSantis, and Val Demings, who challenged Marco Rubio.

Polls have both Republicans leading their opponents by double digits. And remember, polls tend to lean left. Which means DeSantis and Rubio actually gapped their opponents in the surveys. Nothing Biden can do or say is going to help Democrats pull ahead. Especially not this late in the game. Think about it- the left just has too many obstacles to overcome.

The economy seems to be the top concern for every voter in the country. Bidenflation brings with it soaring gas and groceries prices, along with outrageous utility bills. There is a labor shortage while millions sit unemployed. In other words, there are jobs, but they aren’t worth taking when having a job disqualifies you from welfare but doesn’t get the bills paid.

And next up for voters is border security. Those sanctuary cities don’t give everyone the warm and fuzzies. People want to sleep knowing their families are safe. Yet the complete lack of border security has increased drug-flow by leaps and bounds. We have rainbow fentanyl disguised as Skittles targeting our children. In fact, I recently read that enough fentanyl crossed our southern border this year to kill every Texan ten times over. It’s completely unacceptable. But our president has nothing to say for himself when asked why he’s allowed this to go on.

In fact, Biden seems to finally understand how we feel!

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Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, what did he just say?

In the only truthful thing I’ve ever heard Joe Biden declare, he finally admitted that we’ve been living in utter hell!

Poor Jill, she didn’t get there fast enough to shut him up this time.

And the Tweeters were all too happy to weigh in.

I can’t decide which is more amazing: the fact that Biden told the truth, or the fact that Twitter let the truth shine through.

Vote, kevin Jackson

Speaking of Twitter…

Did you hear that the algorithms that block conservatives have been destroyed? Or at least disabled? I heard that the tools for “destroying misinformation” were incapacitated. It seems there are a world of changes going on at Musk’s newest acquisition. It will be interesting to see how the return of free speech will affect the midterms, and more importantly, 2024.

Meanwhile, leftists are pretending that Musk is promoting racism and hatred. In fact, one publication claims that “hateful content has skyrocketed since Musk closed the deal.” They also said “use of the n-word has increased by nearly 500% on Twitter.”

I call bullsh*t. But I understand why leftists are so hell-bent on painting Musk as a racist. They need Musk to be some evil villain. Otherwise, all the attention goes to Biden, and the hell-hole he turned our home into.




















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