BREAKING NEWS: Poll Pads Add Hundreds of Voters to Check-ins

Any smart person would assume that after the madness of the 2020 elections, polling places around the country would be prepared to protect the free and fair elections that are the very fabric of Democracy.

But that’s definitely not the way it went down.

They’re still counting ballots in Maricopa county. While counties with a larger population managed to complete their counts on election night, Arizona officials actually say they are going just as fast as they can go.

So while we wait for that painstaking process to play out, other anomalies continue to surface.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

The Election Oversight Group, who has been investigating and documenting Georgia’s election problems since the 2020 General Election, in conjunction with County Citizens Defending Freedom, has provided The Gateway Pundit with more evidence that our election system should not be trusted.  This time, it’s direct from Texas but has implications and evidence of occurrences in many other jurisdictions.

In a shocking video that seems to confirm many of the things we knew but couldn’t prove, poll workers in Dallas, Tx captured the number of checked in voters on their poll pads jumping higher and higher right before polls closed.  The poll pads are used to check in voters and are the electronic version of the paper “voter roll”, which also keeps a running tally of the number of voters who have been “checked-in” on that particular device.  While we only have confirmation of this one precinct because of the video, The Gateway Pundit is told by an individual present that his happened county wide in Dallas County.

As you can see in the shorter of the videos, the poll pad in the screen jumps from 1,080 voters to 1,139 to 1,191 and finally to 1,259.  No one or nothing is touching the poll pad as it is doing this.  The poll pad displays “Poll Closed” to the left of the count.  For full screen video, visit or click here and here. Be sure to turn the Quality up to 720 so you can read the numbers in real time.

In the other full length, you can hear other poll workers in the background talking about their poll pads jumping by exorbitant numbers as well.

The group claims that they have been working with poll watchers and workers in another state with evidence of the same phenomenon occurring in several counties.  The poll pad voter check-in numbers suddenly jumped right before the polls closed.

The Gateway Pundit will be exclusively covering this story and case as it progresses.

You can donate to the Election Oversight Group here as they take immediate legal action to remedy these issues.

You can see their findings here..

What’s next?

I read that Harris County, Texas will continue to try to sort our their election day issues, but the list is so long, it’s daunting. There were delays opening the polls by up to four hours, which earned voters a one hour extension (that sounds fair, right?). A missing “judge’s key”, a loss of staff, printer and scanner problems, and even a paper shortage (which is actually a ballot shortage) top the list of problems for Harris County alone. Of course, they still managed to have results that night, unlike Maricopa county.

Judges in Maricopa county denied the Republicans’ request to extend voting hours, refusing to acknowledge that “tabulation issues in more than 20 percent of the county’s voting centers had disenfranchised voters.” Yet, as the NYTimes writes,

“problems at voting sites would disproportionately hurt Republicans, who have generally preferred voting in person because of distrust of mail-in ballots.

“Can this possibly be true when a vast majority of Republicans waited for today to Vote?” former President Donald J. Trump wrote on Truth Social about the issues in Arizona. “Here we go again? The people will not stand for it!!!”

The chair of the state Republican Party, Kelli Ward, immediately raised the possibility of “malfeasance” and talked of recalling officials.”

As more voting irregularities surface, I’d say recalling officials is only the first baby step in solving the growing election fraud crisis in this country. There used to be a little saying in politics. “If you don’t like what’s going on, wait four years and it will change.” That’s because the voters had the power to change things. Is there anyone left with enough confidence to say that still rings true? Because it’s been way more than four years since things seemed to be on the up and up. And we can’t wait much longer to get this straight.

Democracy is dying, right in front of our eyes. How far are you willing to go to save it?







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