Arizona’s MASSIVE Voting Problems 2022

Unbelievable! Today, Arizona voters learned exactly what has happened over the past two years: NOTHING!

The simple act of casting one’s ballot is still riddled with problems. And they started in Maricopa County.

The glitches were non-stop after all 233 voting locations opened up.

“After people have voted (their ballot), they try to run them through the tabulator, and they’re not going through,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates said.

Voters have the option of placing their ballot in a secure box to be tabulated later, going to another location to vote, or returning later in the day to the same location in hopes the problem will be fixed.

Of course, this has voters frustrated, to say the least. Many of whom do not trust to just leave their ballots in a box, hoping to be tabulated. But guess who made the problematic tabulators? That’s right folks, Dominion. No wonder trust isn’t flowing freely this election season.

Apparently, 20% of the tabulators are currently experiencing problems in Maricopa County.

Thus, voters have three choices. They can stay put and wait for the tabulator to come online to cast their ballot.

If a tabulator is not working at a site, they have the option of casting their ballot and placing it into a secure slot in the tabulator, labeled “door 3.” Ballots in this secure box will be tabulated later, either at the county’s main tabulation center or on-site at polling locations by a bipartisan team of poll workers.

“This is something that we’ve had in place for decades,” said Elections Department spokesperson Megan Gilbertson. “We’ve always had this secure door, and having a backup plan to our backup plan to make sure every voter is able to cast a ballot today is really the most important thing to us.”

Alternatively, voters can go to a different location to cast their ballot.

If voters choose to go to a different polling site or return to the same one later after receiving their ballot, they should ask poll workers to help them “check out,” Gilbertson said.

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Anyone else feeling a little déjà vu?


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