Fetterman’s Latest Foul: Follow the Money

When it comes to politics, there is only one way to be ‘in the know,’ as they say. You have to follow the money.

When you figure out who it’s coming from, then you’ve figured out who you’re dealing with. John Fetterman is no exception. He can cry “poor me, stroke victim” all day long. Being braindead doesn’t give you an excuse to destroy your constituents, even if that’s exactly what Joe Biden continues to do. This isn’t a game of “follow the leader,” thank goodness.

Build back better, my ass! I’ve yet to see one positive change come out of this Democrat take-over of our government. Now, in the famed-words of Bob Dylan, “I feel a change comin’ on”. In six days, a red wave, scratch that, a red tsunami, will wash this nonsense away.

As for Fetterman, he’ll be left with his celebrity endorsements, his lack of values, and his intellectual likeness of the President of the United States.

Breitbart explains:

Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman is boasting about his support from pro-defund the police Hollywood celebrities one week away from midterm elections.

There it is… the money. He’s being paid to support lawlessness.

Fetterman, who has consistently attacked Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz for his status as a celebrity, is using endorsements from actress Kerry Washington and singer John Legend as part of his last-minute effort to drive voters his way.

“Kerry is on #TeamFetterman and is asking if you can Handle It + donate $10 before our final end-of-month deadline tonight,” Fetterman tweeted on Monday.

However, Washington advocated for defunding the police and called on local governments to “put resources towards community-led solutions, not a system that continues to kill us and put us in cages,” during the summer 2020 riots in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

Fetterman also added that he is “*so* grateful to have” Legend’s support.

Legend similarly advocated for defunding the police in the summer of 2020. Legend said, “there should be significantly fewer police” and called to “take away police funding and reroute it towards community needs.”

There it is again. Notice how the money (or lack thereof) steers the narrative.

Washington’s and Legends’ endorsements are the latest instances of Fetterman cozying up to individuals and groups that have advocated to defund the police.

Last month, Fetterman campaigned with three pro-defund the police Philadelphia city council members, whom he hailed as “outstanding.”

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This fool pushes it beyond “defund the police;” he’s even willing to set free the criminals.

I’m glad Fetterman isn’t in charge of anything here in Texas. Imagine the border-security disaster he would be. Now, that’s a scary thought, as a John Legend endorsement isn’t enough to keep you safe at night.

Breitbart continues:

In 2021, Fetterman appeared on an abolish-the-police advocacy group’s show to boast about how he expedited pardons for felons.

“If I had a couple minutes, I’d love to talk about pardons. I’m chair of the Board of Pardons and Julie’s joining us, she’s our pardons coordinator for Western Pennsylvania,” Fetterman said. “I really want to sell that, because I’m Lieutenant Governor for two more years, and we have expedited pardon processes now. And they’re free, there’s no application fee.”

Fetterman previously claimed it would “not make anyone less safe in Pennsylvania” if one-third of the state’s prison population were released back into the streets.

Fetterman, who has struggled with speech issues since having a stroke in May, debated Oz last week with the help of a closed-captioning system to help with auditory processing issues. The vast majority of viewers, 82 percent, found that Oz outperformed Fetterman in that debate.

Following Fetterman’s poor debate performance, a recent poll found that Oz has a three-point advantage over Fetterman.

Remember folks, polls lean left. At least they have for the past several years. So if the polls give Oz a three-point advantage, you can bet it’s more like a twenty-point advantage. But don’t get complacent. We need the deplorables to show up and vote! Otherwise, our red tsunami could fizzle, and people like Fetterman could land themselves in charge.

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