Guess What Happened When Trump Took on Obama?

In less than 48 hours, the red tsunami will wash over Washington, DC. Unfortunately, many Democrats will be blindsided by the massive Republican victories.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because they were warned. And because they shouldn’t need a warning, considering Biden’s performance in the Oval Office. To put it mildly, one might say Biden screwed the pooch.

Not even Obama (or Baby Black Jesus, as Kevin Jackson calls him) can pull out a win for the left. That’s quite the change from a decade ago. But guess what hasn’t changed? That’s right folks, Trump is still a rock star, packing in the crowds like ACDC’s Black Ice tour.

In fact, Obama and Biden just got together and held a Pennsylvania rally, hoping to pull in the votes for John Fetterman, the idiot Lt. Governor who wants to be a senator. Videos from the event, held in the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, show empty seats all around. And you can bet the farm that event organizers pulled out all the stops trying to fill those seats.

Wait, it gets worse.

I swear I can’t stop laughing as I read the tweets claiming the World Series is to blame for all the empty seats. Because the World Series didn’t seem to be a Republican issue. Don’t try to put this on baseball for goodness sakes. You had Obama and couldn’t fill the seats!

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However, things were quite different across town.

Trump held a rally with Dr. Oz, and people lined up for hours to see him.

Not only were the seats filled, but the energy was so incredible, you can feel it from the videos.

Needless to say, Biden supporters are at a loss for words.

I’d say these rallies tell us all we need to know about midterms. The voters are speaking, loud and clear. They want to save America, and there’s only one way to get it done, at least if we want to get it done right.



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