Biden’s Top Three Accomplishments of 2022

We’ve made it to that point in the year when it’s time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past twelve months, form resolutions, and ready ourselves for a brand new year.

Personally, I’m a “top 10” kind of girl. I like to listen to the countdowns and read all the lists- top 20 songs, ten best movies, five history-changing events. You get the idea. So, I thought we should take the time to examine the White House, and pick out Biden’s top three accomplishments.

Once I made the list, it didn’t take long for the frontrunners to emerge. The President has been awful busy this year shaking hands, wondering aimlessly, and packing his bags. Scratch that, I’m sure the good doctor is in charge of gathering Joe’s underwear and socks. But the luggage will turn out to be an important entry on this countdown list.

Number Three: Dazed and Confused

If only I had a nickel for every time the president seemed to be lost, or unsure of what people around him are saying and doing– well, my bank account would rival that of Elon Musk. Seriously folks, this is no exaggeration. Over the past year, we’ve seen Biden shake hands with a ghost, get lost at the White House, and lose the ability to form a coherent sentence.

In fact, if confusion was an Olympic sport, Biden would be the record-setting gold medalist. Like the old adage says, Biden doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass. Come on man, even if you’re a liberal, you know it’s the truth!

I’m sure his advanced level of dementia plays a role in his next accomplishment.

Number Two: Telling Lies

How many times has Biden denied any wrongdoing by his son, the First Crackhead Hunter Biden? At this point, I’m guessing the Big Guy can’t even remember what the truth is anymore. If we took Biden’s word, the laptop didn’t exist. China didn’t buy presidential access. And JFK was shot by Marilyn Monroe while the President was getting arrested with Dr. Martin Luther King for his role in securing Civil Rights. If you’ll buy that, I have a few things I’m looking to sell.

In fact, Biden is so out of it that he once claimed his son Beau died in military service. Of course, his death was tragic enough. Cancer is no laughing matter. But Biden often feels the need to embellish the stories involving his family.  I’m reminded of his constant claims that his wife and newborn daughter were killed by a drunk driver on his first day in Congress. The poor man involved in that accident was never able to fully escape the shadow of Joe Biden’s tall tales.

It’s hard to fathom why anyone would need to add more details to such a tragic story. But the longer we keep this man in office, the more I think I understand why his wife would take her own life in a suicide by car accident. She knew what laid ahead if she stuck around. And she couldn’t stomach raising a family with a liar that forced his own daughter to shower with him. One can only hope she got the much needed peace she sought all those years ago.

Meanwhile, Biden’s list of lies over the past fifty years is longer than the printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I’m willing to bet Biden hold the record for the most lies told while holding public office. And not just small omissions or simple exaggerations. These are blatant disregards of the truth.

However, there is still one thing Biden did this year even more often than he lied. Which brings me to the top accomplishment on our list!

On Vacation

I’m not sure why anyone expects Creepy Joe to show up and do an honest day’s work. Talk about your oxymoron. He didn’t even show up to run for president. Somehow this joker “won” an election from his basement. We won’t even delve into the fact that getting more votes than Obama is practically impossible, we’ll just focus on this past year.

Turns out, Biden is typically on vacation! Sure, some of them are mental vacations, but the fact remains that the lights are on, but no one’s home.

Take right now, the President is reportedly hanging out at the home of a billionaire political donor while the rest of the country is plagued by one crisis after another. Imagine if Trump abandoned his post during such disasters? The media would have a field day.

Leftist Hypocrisy 101

“Outnumbered” panelists slammed President Biden for jetting to a billionaire donor’s home in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the holidays while a severe winter storm ravaged the country. Fox News contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier and FOX Business reporter Lauren Simonetti on Thursday called out the “double standard” of the president benefiting from a donor while holding public office.

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER: The double standard that I live with every single day: As a doctor, I can’t accept a pen or a lunch or anything from patients, from vendors, from anyone. But yet President Biden is able to fly private to a Caribbean island and stay at a billionaire donor’s house. That is a double standard that I am not OK with. 

LAUREN SIMONETTI: As a journalist, I also cannot take anything… The president of the United States, with multiple crises, is at a billionaire Democratic donor’s St. Croix mansion with this family celebrating. OK, he needs a break, too, it’s Christmas. They’re probably deciding: Should he run for president again? But he’s been on vacation a lot. So I’m thinking, ‘Oh, Lauren, if you ever run for office’ — which will never be the case — ‘don’t ever take a vacation because you get criticized for it.’ But we have a president who seems to be on vacation most of the time. 

I’m sure 2023 will bring us much more of the same. Confusion, lies, and a leader that is typically missing in action. With accomplishments like these, who needs failure? Perhaps the better question is “how many more failures can we take?”

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