Will Biden Move to Hide Obama Messages?

While the possibility of releasing a trove of Obama’s messages regarding Biden and Burisma, it seems Creepy Joe could still “plead the fifth.”

As November came to a close, the White House received notification that the National Archives planned to release nearly 300 emails from the Obama Administration. Interestingly enough, these messages paint a picture of the relationship between Burisma and the First Crackhead, Hunter Biden. Further, this email dump is the planned response to FOIA requests.

The requested records consist of 69 images and 282 email messages that were reviewed by NARA and cleared for release. There were 22 related emails that contain information exempted from FOIA requests and are restricted, as well as 75 messages that will be partially redacted if the president permits them to be released.

Draft documents that are “part of the deliberative or policy-making process” are exempt from FOIA requests, as is information that could violate an individual’s privacy or expose trade secrets. NARA did not say which exemptions the 22 restricted emails fall under.

Of course, we have no idea why 22 emails are considered restricted, but if we’ve learned anything from the Biden presidency, it’s that so-called conspiracy theories are often the cold hard facts these days.

Could we learn that Obama, or even Joe Biden himself, had concerns about the relationship with Burisma going public? Even juicier- might these emails lay out the fact that the job was always a ruse, considering we know Hunter had no relevant experience to be given such a job? Imagine getting paid millions of dollars to take a job where you don’t speak the language, you don’t understand the business, and you don’t make any worthwhile contribution. Sounds pretty cushy to me. Heck, what if Obama and Creepy Joe exchanged jokes about the ultimate favor being granted to the VP’s “pride and joy”? Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

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Proof of Corruption

If I were a gambler, I’d guess that Biden will come up with a list of excuses for blocking these messages, and he’s got 60 days to make that move. Of course, considering that Biden denied Trump’s ability to exert executive privilege regarding records seized at Mar-a-Lago, such a block will practically spell corruption. More over, if Biden exerts such privilege, the messages could remain hidden until January 2029.

I wonder what other truths will surface? Such as the real truth regarding Hunter’s sketchy art career? Or perhaps we’ll learn more about those father-daughter showers Joe liked to partake in. We might even learn the power players who purchased time with the Big Guy. Any way you slice it, you can rest assured that if it involved a Biden, it’s a bona fide scandal of outrageous proportions.

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