Will Trump Go All-Out and DEMAND an INVESTIGATION?

Say what you want about Trump, but things have a way of being revealed to support everything he says.

Like the recent discovery of classified materials in Biden’s archives.
Remember the RAID on Mar-a-Lago? That was a true RAID. Yesterday, we teased a RAID on Biden. Sadly, it was a hypothetical, as the government seems to lack the cojones to make such a move now days. Do you recall the controversy with Biden’s archives from before, where he wouldn’t release certain materials at the University of Delaware? Now this!
CBS News reports:
The material was identified by personal attorneys for Mr. Biden on Nov. 2, just before the midterm
elections, Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president confirmed. The documents were discovered
when Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys “were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate office space at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.,” Sauber said in a statement to CBS News. The documents were contained in a folder that was in a box with other unclassified papers, the sources said. The sources revealed neither what the documents contain nor their level of classification. A source familiar told CBS News the documents did not contain nuclear secrets.
Sauber also said that on the same day the material was discovered, Nov. 2, the White House counsel’s office notified the National Archives, which took possession of the materials the following morning.
“The discovery of these documents was made by the President’s attorneys,” Sauber said. “The
documents were not the subject of any previous request or inquiry by the Archives. Since that discovery,
the President’s personal attorneys have cooperated with the Archives and the Department of Justice in a
process to ensure that any Obama-Biden Administration records are appropriately in the possession of
the Archives.”

You can bet the farm that this isn’t going over too well with President Trump.

In fact, he wants to know (and rightfully so) where the investigators are! I’m pretty sure half of America wants to know where the investigators are. And we’d like nothing more than to give Donald Trump the power to make it happen.
Just the News reports:
Former President Trump is taking a full payback swing over revelations late Monday that President Biden
had potentially classified documents in an office he used after serving as vice president.
Trump, who is facing a federal investigation into whether he took classified White House materials when
he moved to Florida, asked on social media: “Why didn’t the ‘Justice’ Department announce the highly
classified documents found in the office before the (2020) election.”
Biden’s lawyers disclosed to government attorneys on Nov. 2, 2020, – six days before the November
midterms – that they’d discovered sensitive government documents with classified markings inside the
The documents were in the Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington, D.C.
The University of Pennsylvania under which the center operates, reportedly received $54.6 million in donations from 2014 to 2019 from China, including $23.1M in anonymous gifts starting in 2016, public records show. 

Talk about Quid Pro Quo!

I’m struggling to understand why we sent Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman or anyone else for that matter to prison in the College Admissions scandal. Here, these rich and powerful people made bogus donations to various universities. However, it was all in the name of education. They simply wanted their children to go to top-rated schools. One might argue that it’s not much different from buying a house where the public school districts are ranked higher in order to send your kids to a fancier elementary campus.

However, in the case of Biden and the Chinese, well that is 100% in the name of corruption. Collusion. Inappropriate influence. And while we’re talking about Penn, aka the University of Pennsylvania, we should mention another little tidbit of information. Joe Biden CONTINUES to tell lies of being a Professor.

In fact, he’s repeated this lie at least 17 times publicly SINCE becoming President. That’s completely unacceptable. He’s supposed to be the leader of the free world and he’s busy padding his phony resume. For what? He already got the job! Albeit in a not-so-fair-and-square kind of way.

Sadly, I’ve yet to find one thing our President has handled with class or character. I’m pretty sure he could serve 20 years in the White House, and that would remain the truth! Joe Biden couldn’t find class if he were walking down the hall of an elementary school and all the doors were wide open.

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