Biden’s Latest Excuse ANGERS Enthusiasts!

I am against racial slurs as well as insults based on religion, ethnic background, age, gender, and disability. I am here to tell you that I am likewise against automotive slurs.


I’m a Corvette Mom. Translation: My Corvette is not my car. It is my automotive child.

I have been a Corvette Mom for most of my adult life. Give or take another car or two, such as the racing Mustang I had to get rid of when it flunked 12 out of 14 DMV inspection elements due to after-market modifications.

As such, while I admire Peter Doocy and want him to be the White House Press Secretary when President Trump is re-elected in 2024, as an offended Corvette Mother I must take a stance because of Mr. Doocy’s utterance in a White House press conference: “Classified materials next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?”


The background is that Biden’s been caught with classified documents from his vice presidential days (2007-2019) serving under The Manchurian Candidate. You know. What’s-His-Name. The Community Organizer. The classified documents were discovered in a University of Pennsylvania office that Communist Chinese operatives had access to as well as at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home. And in his garage.

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    1. A vice president has ZERO authority to have in his possession any classified documents after he or she leaves office.
    2. A vice president has ZERO authority to declassify documents.
    3. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) funded Biden’s “think tank” – it’s an oxymoron to include the words “Biden” and “think” in the same sentence – with $54 million.

Well, my friend,  just because Biden’s attorneys discovered 10 classified documents – so far – does not mean they’re not covering up the discovery of even more. Biden’s attorneys have a vested interest in covering up for Beijing Biden.

Besides, attorneys are not qualified to search.  Their purpose is to tell their clients, “I don’t wanna know if you’re guilty”, and to tell their clients to say stuff like, “I plead the Fifth.”


Where are the (still, if any, unprejudiced, un-politically weaponized) staff of the FBI, Department of Justice, and National Archives who are qualified to conduct such searches?  What about cybersecurity experts who should examine the Biden’s (including Jill’s, Hunter’s, and brother James’) computer hard drives for classified information they might have scanned and uploaded thereon?  Yo! Deploy the infrastructure imaging devices to detect any documents or IT storage devices hidden in the walls! To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Joseph Biden, tear down those walls!”

As for Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware vacation home, Biden’s attorneys did not discover classified documents there. Or claim not to have. Just because they say so is no guarantee they’re not lying.

But back to Corvettes.  As a Corvette Mother, I’m sure all parents – and anyone with a heart – can relate to my not wanting my Corvette son (yes, he’s a boy; Carlisle Corvette is his name) embarrassed by having his relative embroiled in a national security scandal.

May be an image of 1 person and car


Furthermore, Joe Biden is not qualified to own – let alone drive! – a Corvette. Hell, he isn’t even coordinated enough to stand still on a bicycle without toppling over.

Hey, Biden! I challenge you! I’ve known how to drive since I was nine. Stick shift, too, baby.

Can you speed shift? Can you double clutch? Can you do a donut, Big Guy? I can. Have you ever been clocked doing 135 miles per…never mind.

Biden, you are giving Corvette owners a bad name. And as for you, Mr. Doocy, I love you but keep Corvettes out of this.


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