Chicago FINALLY Gives Lightfoot the BOOT

My momma used to say “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Unfortunately, that rule leaves me with no words for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

I searched high and low for something positive regarding Lightfoot’s leadership. But all I can find is drugs, rampant crime, weekend bloodbaths that make the Texas chainsaw massacre look like a trip to Disneyland. And never did Lightfoot step up and try to save her city.

Despite her dismal record, I’m actually shocked that Chicago voters decided they’d had enough. It seems leftists are reluctant to pull their losers out of office.

Fox News adds:

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has lost her bid for re-election as the race heads to runoff without her after no candidate reached the required 50% vote threshold to be elected.

Lightfoot faced challenges from eight other candidates in the race, including Chicago Public Schools CEO and city budget director Paul Vallas, who held a significant double-digit lead in the polls ahead of Election Day.

Leading up to the election, Lightfoot also narrowly trailed Brandon Johnson, a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, by two points, and was in a dead heat with Democratic Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia who represents Illinois’s 4th Congressional District.

Vallas received enough votes to head to the runoff and will face Brandon Johnson on April 4.

Lightfoot conceded her bid Tuesday stating: “I will be rooting and praying for the next mayor of Chicago.”

Believe me, I will be praying for the next mayor too! Talk about a hellacious cleanup. It will rival that of Donald Trump’s Obama policy-reversals.

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Graceful Exit?

Classic poet Dylan Thomas once wrote “do not go gentle into that good night; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” For some reason, those words came to me when I saw Lightfoot’s reaction to her election results. She isn’t gearing up for a graceful exit. Instead, she pulled the black card, the woman card, AND the victim card in hopes of garnering a bit of sympathy.

However, she didn’t play those cards quite right. After saying: “I’m a Black woman and, let’s not forget, some folks frankly don’t support us in leadership roles,” radio host Ray Stevens declared her “time is up!” As well its should be, as murders hit a 25 year high under her “rule”.

I recall writing an article a few years ago after learning Lightfoot took more than $80M out of police budgets, all the while she was using private police escorts for her own personal benefit. That move lead more than two dozen police to publicly turn their backs on Lightfoot.

She should’ve quit right then. The writing was clearly on the wall. Chicago is no place for Lightfoot, and it’s about time she got the news.


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