CNN Plan Won’t Help Don Lemon

Yesterday, we predicted that Don Lemon would soon get the ax. As in “You’re Fired!”.

Apparently, CNN just isn’t that smart.

Any other network would’ve let Lemon go several years back. Think about it– he’s not just a sexist. He’s also a racist. And an idiot. Not to mention the fact that’s he’s made a spectacle of himself drunk on the air. Surely, his latest display was more than enough to give the network a good reason to toss Lemon out on his peel.

CNN racism #KevinJackson

Just in case you were hiding under a rock, the latest Lemon scandal started when the “news” anchor blatantly said that Nikki Haley is “past her prime” because she’s in her 50s, and thus wouldn’t make a good presidential candidate. Of course, we didn’t hear Lemon voice this opinion when Kamala Harris entered into the presidential ring in 2019. Nor did he mention his age-based opinion when Hillary Clinton was running against Donald Trump.

Maybe only conservative women hit their prime in their 40s. Of course, as Lemon suggests, I’d have to Google it to be sure.

However, CNN apparently has a plan, albeit a pretty dumb one.

Sensitivity Training!

We can’t make this stuff up folks! The network actually believes a few classes and Lemon will be good as new. But Sensitivity Training won’t help Don Lemon because no amount of enlightenment can fix stupid. How can CNN send the most Leftist diva on the planet to training? Isn’t he already the poster child for the woke?

It gets better. This enlightenment is expected to happen today! By tomorrow, Lemon will be back on the air, despite protests from other female staffers at CNN. Those staffers threatened to quit if Lemon wasn’t fired, yet CNN plans to go the “training” route anyway.

Chris Licht, CNN’s trusted leader, sent out an email in an effort to smooth things over. In it, Licht says he “sat down with Don and had a frank and meaningful conversation.”

“He has agreed to participate in formal training, as well as continuing to listen and learn. We take this situation very seriously,” Licht continued.

Licht concluded by saying that “it is important to me that CNN balances accountability with a fostering a culture in which people can own, learn and grow from their mistakes.”

I’m all for mistakes being “wonderful opportunities to learn,” as any one of my kids would tell you. But, as I tell them, you can only learn the same lesson so many times before you’re no longer making mistakes, but intentional moves to cause harm. If second graders get it, Don Lemon should be able to grasp the concept. Unfortunately, he’s a few cents short of a dollar.

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