Decorum Can Kiss My You Know What!

The State of the Union under Joe Biden can be described in one word: demented.

It’s been a few days since Biden’s “big speech;” yet, I still can’t get over what a blatant idiot this guy is. Biden’s diminished brain capacity showed in everything from his walk to his words, especially in the lies he uttered during his speech. Perhaps unintelligible lies better describes parts of Biden’s speech.

This guy had the nerve to claim that he created record-setting jobs while take-home wages have gone up. He tried to blame greedy oil companies for gas prices while taking credit for Trump’s stellar economic recovery period. It was just whopper after fib after lie.

Yet, I did love how he ended the speech, saying essentially “No matter how bad I f*ck up America, she is better than I. So the state of the Union is great!”

Not so fast, father of Sling Blade.

Biden lied so much, Republicans groaned many times in unison. I certainly found myself groaning, then being pleasantly surprised that Republicans openly agreed with me. After all, in the chamber Congressmen and Senators are supposed to showcase decorum, even though Democrats gave it up long ago.

This reminds me of a black belt test I attended.

An acquaintance was testing for his black belt, and asked me to be on his panel to fight him. I agreed. When I was called to fight, I thought we would just “move around” and not really go at each other, since I wanted to make him look good.

After bow-in, it was clear to me that he wanted to show off. He fought hard, and I merely parried, so as not to take the brunt. In his flurry, my belt became untied, and my gi opened. I turned away from the judges to put my uniform back together, and caught a glimpse of another friend on the panel. Our eye contact said it all. He knew that I was no longer going to show decorum.

In the next session after bow-in, I commenced to beating the dog crap out of my acquaintance. The punishment caused the six-man panel of judges to yell, “BREAK!”.

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I stopped fighting, and my opponent looked rode hard and put up wet, as we say in the country.

The chair of the panel, a 6th-degree black belt said, “Mr. Jackson you need to show more control!”

A 5th-degree black belt judge quickly added, “Sir, Mr. Jackson IS showing control. He’s hitting him right where he wants. Let’s continue.”

Another session ensued, and again I kicked the crap out of my acquaintance. No malice. Just making sure that he understood that it was no I who violated decorum.

The Republicans could use a lesson like this. And that’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene and others demonstrated during the State of the Union.

As Biden lied, the Republicans responded with explosive fury. This lack of decorum is way overdue. Democrats expect the good guys to play by rules. Meanwhile Democrats violate every rule or rewrite them in their favor as the game is happening.

Democrats and Republicans no longer agree on “the greater good” or what’s best for America. Democrats and the RINO component of the Republican Party see America as a money pot and the place for experimenting with the most idiotic ideas that lead to nothing but chaos. True Republicans actually care about the country, even at the sacrifice of one’s self.

Put another way, there is no reason to look for common ground with the left. No need to reach across the aisle, as that has not worked. Need proof? Just look at the nonsense surrounding gender.

Since when have we not been able to define “woman”?

Yes America, that is the bat-sh*t crazy nonsense we experience in the Era of Dementia. It’s hard to imagine what could be worse, but make no mistake, we shall soon find out.


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