Missing in Action: Where’s Kamala Harris Hiding?

Do we even have a Vice President? Or is she more like AOC, just a figure head with no real power or duties other than clapping for Biden?

I’m not sure why today, of all days, Kamala Harris crossed my mind. However, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve seen a headline with her name on it.

Some might take that as a good sign, as if there isn’t anything scandalous about her brewing at the moment. But I wouldn’t be so quick to make that assumption. I’d say it’s more like she’s laying low, hoping Biden keeps us busy enough with all of his faux-pas to distract us from anything Harris-related. As such, I googled her name just to see if there were any recent Kamala stories in the news.

To my surprise, she did crack a few headlines recently.

Kamala and the big fat spy balloon.

The first headline that popped up offered Kamala’s thoughts on China relations.

Vice President Kamala Harris said in a recent interview that she doesn’t think the United States destroying a Chinese spy balloon will affect relations between the two nations.

In a phone interview with Politico on Tuesday, Harris was reportedly asked if the incident could possibly affect diplomacy between the two global superpowers.

I don’t think so, no,” Harris told Politico, later explaining that the Biden administration’s approach to Beijing is “we seek competition, but not conflict or confrontation.”

I must say, I have to agree with Harris on this one. I mean, if it were any other country, shooting down something of theirs would likely trigger a retaliation. By why would China retaliate against the President they clearly bought and paid for?

I assure you, the Chinese gathered all the information they were seeking long before we finally destroyed their precious inflatable. In fact, Kevin Jackson’s theory was that the Chinese “let” Biden finally shoot it down just so he could save a little face. If you’re thinking that’s #ConspiracyTheory, consider this: new reports expose American intelligence for knowing about the balloon the day it was launched from China. Put another way, we were never unaware of this balloon and its capabilities. Not only did we know it from the start, we watched the balloon inch its way into American airspace and we. did. nothing.

For nearly a week this balloon traveled across the country, hovering over several military bases. Make no mistake, China is gathering intelligence regarding America. Yet, our VP is confident that nothing will change, because whatever the Chinese are planning, the Biden Administration is backing. Mark my words, as I guarantee they will come back to bite all of us once China’s sinister plot is finally revealed in its entirety.

Until then, “nothing to see here, folks” remains Kamala’s contention.

Border Crisis SOLVED

I was sure hoping to find a few headlines about all the progress Harris is making at the border. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Because Harris hasn’t made a single positive move on the border crisis yet, and she’s three years in at this point.

On the bright side, at least Harris isn’t leaking rumors of building a better border, because I’m afraid I would be forced to call BS, very publicly, as would any American living anywhere close to our southern border.

Instead, I did come across a few interesting reads regarding Harris and her intentions to run again next year. It’s an optics nightmare if you think about it. Biden vowed to run on a ticket with a “woman” of “color”, so dumping her now would only prove his sexist, misogynistic, egocentric, racist tendencies. In other words, sometimes “you gotta dance with the one who brung ya,” as the saying goes.

The only other headline I found was a breakdown of Harris’ problems with party politics.

“Few better ways exist to gauge the progressive zeitgeist than perusing the most popular comments on widely read articles in the New York Times. A new piece on Kamala Harris, for instance, reveals that many of the Times’s most ardent readers are no longer fans of the vice president.

A trio of Times reporters spoke to dozens of Democrats and concluded the obvious: Harris has become a problem for the party. Influential Democrats don’t want Biden to retire because they know Harris can’t win in 2024. But he can’t dump her from the reelection campaign, for fear of infuriating what the Times calls “key Democratic constituencies.” Nevertheless, keeping Harris as vice president may be even more risky for an 82-year-old candidate than it was for, say, a 68-year-old George H. W. Bush to keep Dan Quayle on the ticket when he ran for re-election in 1992.

The most popular comments on the piece were so savage you might have thought you were reading a Fox News piece, not the Times. It isn’t surprising at this point that many liberals want Harris off the ticket, but what was eye-opening was that many, if not most, of the top-rated comments criticized Harris as an identity politics pick, who lacks substance and isn’t up to the job.

The highest-rated comment, with more than a thousand likes, said, “This is what happens when you choose and elect a candidate because of their identity, and not their competence.” Another reader asked: “When will she and her media supporters realize she was an identity politics pick and nothing else?” One of the other popular comments concluded that Biden picked her “as a necessary tick box among very competent options.”

One reader wondered, “When are Democrats going to recognize that gender identity is NOT a winning issue?” Another opined, “Any boosterism in favor of Harris at this point requires one to ignore everything they’ve seen and heard in favor of a narrative that is built on identity rather than substance.” On and on the Times readers went, unloading on a woman regarded by the Left just a few years ago as a trailblazing heroine, likely to reshape the vice presidency.”

After reading that, one could infer that a population of Democrats who aren’t woke, YET actually exists. And they may turn out to be the biggest threat to Democrats in the last fifty years.

Dave Seminara writes:

Harris’s election was supposed to break down barriers. Instead, her legacy may also be to illustrate the folly of identity politics. A recent poll conducted by NBC News gave her a 35 percent approval rating, with just 15 percent of Americans viewing her very favorably and 37 percent very unfavorably. The media often write off her unpopularity as a product of racism and sexism. But many of the same Democrats who celebrated her rise are now calling her an empty suit, who needs to be dropped from the ticket.

I couldn’t agree more.




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