Journalist Alleges Fauci Affair with Wuhan Lab Director

Finally something that makes sense about Fauci the Fraud’s behaviors.

Journalist Ava Chen alleges that Fauci had an intimate relationship with a Chinese virologist who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Hey Judicial Watch. Is this thing on? It’s not like Leftists don’t have a track record of fraternizing with the enemy.

Senator Feinstein’s chauffeur ease-dropped on secrets for two decades, as he hauled Feinstein’s rotund buttocks all over DC. And what of hard-luck Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell. You know that clown was so overjoyed at finally dating something other than his hand, he dropped trou and dropped America’s secrets to a Chinese spy.

And perhaps the worst case of Chiamnesia occurs with Hunter Biden. He admits to being in business with a Chinese spy. Adding insult to injury, Hunter hired a Chinese woman as his “assistant”. Any bets on who set that deal up?

So it’s not a stretch at all to question if the Chinese induced Fauci to give money to the lab in exchange for some strange. I don’t need to know much about Mrs. Fauci to know that the Leprechaun looked forward to his travels to China.

Instead of looking for the passenger manifest for Lolita Express to Epstein Island, I say let’s look at Fauci’s travels to China, then check it against that government credit card.

And as that Chinese journalist suggests, let’s get Fauci’s email and other correspondence.

Admittedly, I think it’s true.

I saw this story in a few places, and they are issuing a disclaimer. What for? It’s not like Fauci is Ghandi.

Fauci is a creepy little bureaucrat who probably spent more time in China, {ahem} at the lab than he did at home. In DC, many couples have an “understanding”.

Keep in mind, Fauci is no catch either. Outside of a decent salary and all the money he made with patents and kickbacks, Fauci’s wife didn’t have much to work with.

Regardless of what Fauci and his wife think of each other, I still believe Ava Chen. I think Fauci saw China as a way to ease some state-side frustrations.

Of course, we may never know. Democrats circle the wagons for each other, despite adultery being the larger part of their relationship DNA.

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