MSNBC Calls Biden ‘Holiday Joe’

Because Biden vacations more than he works

Even the lamestream media has taken notice about Joe Biden. No, not about his multiple shell companies, and shakedown of the Chinese. But they are noting his vacation schedule.

What to do with all that new-found loot Biden got from extorting his family members? Let’s be clear: Hunter, et al deserves that bill from The Big Guy. After all, they have him to thank for access to him.

Frankly, Biden’s time is precious. Especially his down time. MSNBC noticed and wrote:

Joe Biden has certainly embraced the perks of high office, with an astonishing 39.2% of his presidency spent on vacation. While the country grapples with numerous challenges, Biden seems to prioritize leisure time, leaving many to question his dedication to the job. Let’s delve into the numbers and unravel the president’s holiday habits.

Holy Mother of Aergia, Joe Biden is lazy.

I can’t say that I’m unhappy about this. Because America panics when Biden works.

If he runs America like he runs the family business, he has operatives actually running the show. He just takes his cut.

MSNBC continues,

Beach Bliss: Biden’s Favorite Getaway Spot

When it comes to relaxation, Biden’s beachfront vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is his go-to destination. It seems the sound of crashing waves and sandy shores hold a special allure for the president. But as the days tick by, concerns grow about whether the commander-in-chief is focused on the nation’s needs or his tan lines.

Did you catch Biden last week looking like a beached whale who lost its homing beacon? One would think his handlers would have prevented the world from seeing Biden in “old man” shorts.

President Biden caught soaking up the sun after hellish week

But when Biden isn’t tormenting beach-goers with his hairy legs, he’s at Camp David.

MSNBC noted Biden’s timing during the time of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Dubious Timing: Camp David Escapades During Crisis

As Kabul, Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban and the world watched in horror, Biden reportedly sought solace at Camp David. The optics of the president retreating to a secluded retreat while chaos unfolded raised eyebrows and intensified scrutiny. It begs the question: should a leader prioritize vacations over critical matters of national security?

Presidential vacations by the numbers.

Already we’ve reported that Biden almost hits the 40 percent mark on vacation versus work. A hefty number for sure.

MSNBC reported that as far as presidential vacations go, Biden’s escapades stand out.

Former President Donald Trump spent 132 days at his own properties. With Trump you can bet that he remained in work mode even while golfing.

MSNBC under-reported former President Barack Obama’s vacation days, logging 38 days at rental properties in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. I remember “date night” in Chicago. That cost taxpayers a pretty penny.

Finally, former President George W. Bush managed just 100 days of vacation during his entire presidency.

Contrast these 4-year and 8-year presidents with Biden’s 352 days of vacation, and you get the picture.

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