This is the FUTURE of Shopping in California

I remember when the idea of shopping in California elicited thoughts of Rodeo Drive; a Pretty Woman inspired fashion splurge, and all the best designers.

Now, mention shopping in California, and it’s empty shelves, urine scented sidewalks, and rampant shop-lifting. Soon, there may be no more brick and mortar stores in Cali. Everybody will get all their products delivered. Sadly, I envision delivery thefts to be on the rise soon after.

Things are deteriorating so fast, Walgreens had to chain up the freezer section!

Isn’t it ironic that in a state with such famed leaders as Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom, people can’t even grab a frozen pizza on the way home from work without gaining security clearance?

The Blind Defenders

Of course, some Tweeters couldn’t wait to jump in and pretend this has nothing to do with Democratic leadership.

These are the same people who believe Biden is a stand-up guy, that Hunter doesn’t pose a threat to our country, that Democrats support the black community while Republicans are racists and that Trump is the real problem. Blind ignorance- it will be the death of this country. However, not all hope is lost. Not yet.

More and More People are Seeing the Truth

It’s hard to deny the facts when they are slapping you in the face.

The last one sums it up pretty well. None of this would be happening if Democrats hadn’t orchestrated Biden’s installment in the Oval Office. They can deny it from here to kingdom come, but if you actually believe this 50 year veteran of Congress that never once had a giant success actually garnered more votes than Baby Black Jesus, well you better check what you’ve been smoking.

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