Foreign Press: Biden is Out for 2024

I’ve said for months that Biden wouldn’t be the Democrats’ choice again in 2024. Let’s face it; Biden wasn’t their choice in 2020. The more likely candidate was Bernie Sanders. However, as they did in 2016, Democrats torpedoed Sanders.

Now a report from the U.K. outlet The Telegraph quotes an unnamed source who spoke to a “foreign politician” about the 2024 presidential race. I know, that sounds a lot like fake news media reporting. Still, according to this source, Joe Biden is out.

Despite the circuitous sources, I stand by my declaration. Biden is out.

With Biden gone, I further predicted that Kamala Harris will become the first female president. And for those keeping score in the Political Intersectional Olympics, Harris will be the first black female president, and the first Indian president. But that’s where Kamala Harris’ story ends. Because she won’t run in the general eletion.

Thus, according to The Telegraph Michelle Obama will run in 2024. I call BS on this…again.

Each election cycle people offer up Michelle Obama. They present her as unbeatable; a great black hope as it were.

But Michelle Obama is beatable, because she’s not likeable. What qualifiers her anyway? Being an affirmative action student of Princeton and non-practicing attorney? Or being First Lady in one of the most divisive and corrupt administrations in history. Oh wait, I know. She’s black.

Well, when Kamala Harris accomplishes that non-feat, there goes the hoopla.

Back to the real issue: Biden’s out.

The only possibility of saving the demonic Democrats is to jettison Joe Biden. They’ve taken the first step by serving up his son. Hunter Biden knows he must face the music. All signs are there.

But signs hide in plain sight for Joe Biden as well. A freshman Democrat Congressman begged other Democrats to primary Joe Biden. Apparently even freshman congressmen believe they can be cheated into office these days.

Buzzards circle the Bidens. Everybody in DC smells the rotting flesh of decay. In a matter of weeks all that will remain of the Bidens is their bones. Democrats will attempt to pick up the pieces, as many Leftists will back away from the Bidens. The backtracking will be subtle at first. However, soon after they protestation of the Bidens will become more vocal.

Finally, they will turn completely on them. You will hear Democrats who backed the Bidens with a vengeance deny them as Peter denied Jesus.

Watch for the signs. They are here and will accelerate.



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