Biden Spokesperson Accidentally Admits Joe Biden’s Crime

Dan Goldman is the new Adam Schiff. The Left’s Disinformation Officer for sure.

As I watch Goldman’s interviews, I wonder if he’s employed by the Biden family; perhaps as one of lawyers representing the Biden Crime Family. Because Holy Mother of Jive, can this guy spin a tale.

Goldman claimed that Archer’s testimony was no big deal. Quite the contrary. Devon Archer’s testimony exploded Joe Biden’s nonsense declarations. Biden not only discussed business with his son, he actively participated. More on this in a bit.

Goldman asked for the transcript of Devon Archer’s testimony, something he really didn’t want. A few days later, Republicans obliged, taking that arrow from Goldman arsenal.

What next, now that the transcripts were delivered in record time?

Goldman shifted his argument. He quantified the 20 times the Bidens spoke conveniently as Hunter dined with perspective clients. At one point Goldman declared, [pp] “20 times over a ten year period…that’s two per year”.

Does it matter over what period you peddle influence or how much occurred? If you peddle influence once, you’re guilty.

Truth be told, Hunter Biden conveniently called his father or vice-versa more than than 20 times. Twenty times is how many times Archer remembers the exchanges. However, I submit that if Archer remembers 20 times, the calls occurred many more times.

Goldman then claims the two talked about the weather, a comment casually offered by Archer in his testimony. But who calls at dinner to discuss the weather. Particularly at a time when Goldman reminded us that the father-son duo were dealing with Beau Biden’s brain cancer?

The two certainly had other potential topics.

For example, Hunter’s crack problem or his whoremongering? Perhaps they discussed Hunter humping his soon-to-be dead brother’s wife? Or what about that $25,000 Hunter took from Joe’s bank account to pay off the Russian pimp? That’s a conversation I would have interrupted my crackhead son’s dinner for.

Goldman screws up.

At the press conference, Biden spokesperson Goldman messed up big time. Goldman claims that Joe never talked business when summoned by Hunter during these business dinners with Hunter’s associates. He does admit that maybe Hunter used his father as fodder to impress his guests, of course with Joe Biden playing the unwitting rube.

But Goldman (and the DOJ) have a problem; that pesky Victor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor that VP Joe demanded the Ukrainians fire. Joe Biden famously brags on video about his accomplishment.

Goldman tried to spin the truth with this statement:

There is not shred of evidence of a single conflict of interest of President Biden ever doing anything in connection or in relation to Hunter Biden’s business ventures other than advocating for the removal of a prosecutor general who was advantageous to Burisma. The only evidence we have right now of official action by President Biden in connection to Hunter Biden’s business interests is bad for Hunter Biden’s business interest.

Goldman connected the dots nicely. He says there is no proof except for…the proof. “You know, the thing!”

Goldberg declared that this move helped Burisma, but not Joe Biden. The prosecutor general who froze Burisma assets and was investigating corruption by Burisma, according to Goldman “helped” Burisma. And if you believe that, then clearly you can see that Joe Biden acted strictly in the interest of America.

Understand that leading up to Joe Biden demanding the firing of Shokin, America had never complained about him.

Moreover, when Shokin was fired, his boss, President Poroscheko declared to Biden that they could find nothing the man did wrong.

“Despite of the fact that we don’t have any corruption charges, we don’t have any information about the, he doing something wrong…I especially asked him to resign.”

After this, Biden waited on a new “friendly” prosecutor general who wouldn’t attack Burisma, and commented:

Tell me that uh uh there is a new government and a new prosecutor general. I am prepared to do a public signing of the commitment for the billion dollars.

Once the new prosecutor general was in place, Biden commented:

Congratulations on installing the new prosecutor general. It’s gonna be critical for him to work to repair the damage Shokin did…ready to sign that new one billion dollar loan guarantee.

What damage had Shokin done? He was about to expose the Biden crime family. And as a condition of his hiring, Joe Biden got rid of the problem. That’s what influence gets you.

Follow up on Shokin

I’m no investigative reporter, but I know what I would follow up on.

Was Shokin crooked as Biden implied? Because the former president of Ukraine says no. What we do know is that Burisma was crooked from head to toe. And so are the Bidens.

Let’s look at Shokin’s record versus that of a brain-damaged pathological liar and crackhead son.



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