Hurricane Coming: The Biden Tape

For a few months, I declared vehemently that Joe Biden will not be the Democrats’ candidate in 2024. For me, it’s been as obvious as Joe Biden being “the big guy”. In other words, 100 percent.

I made my opinion known, because I possess a powerful analytical tool called common sense.

Before I get to the main reason for the assessment which I’ve hinted at, let’s look at the even more obvious reasons any rational person would come to the exact same conclusion.

First, Joe Biden the actual person.

Joe Biden is a pathological liar. How he has risen to any level of power in government during his career says all one needs to know about politicians. Why would anyone allow someone of Biden’s character to become president speaks volumes of the Democratic Party. And let’s not forget- they cheated to elect this man.

Worse, they built lies around Biden to pretend that his level of popularity rivaled the most revered Americans in history. We won’t dissect the creepy showers he took with his daughter, his tasteless lies about the death of his wife and baby, his constant sniffing of young girls, or denial of his own grandchild. In fact, for the sake of time, we will skip all the abominable facts about his personal character.

By any standards, Joe Biden is an insecure, yet egotistical moron who has sucked off the public teat for almost five decades. As I like to remind people, Democrats (Leftists) are the only animal on earth who put their weakest in charge.

Moving on to the next reason why I recognized that Biden would not be the Democrats’ nominee: I understood that even for Democrats, Joe Biden represents the bottom of the barrel.

The man has dementia, and most of the time behaves incoherently. How long did the Party of] Lynching Negroes expect to cover for the old buffoon?

Consider the difficulty of managing a non-brain-damaged Biden, then assess how to manage this one. An octogenarian propped up with enough drugs to keep at least ten Pfizer scientists employed.

And how would a man with Biden’s problems legislate, once he’s cheated into office? As one might suspect: horribly. (Clearly, this is not speculation. We have proof.)

Outside of world wars, America has never been in a worse situation under a president. The Biden economy rivals that of The Great Depression, only he’s piggy-backed on the great economy of his predecessor. Had it not been for Trump beefing up America’s economy pre-Biden, Americans would be in total dire straits. That said, Americans suffer mightily under Bidenomics.

Bidenflation moved much of the middle class below the poverty level. And as elections go, “It’s the economy stupid!” fits. Nobody wants more Bidenflation. Very few could survive it.

I was talking with one of my family members who voted Democrat all his life, and he revealed that he voted for Trump. Yes, 81 million minus one.

Put simply: Joe Biden embarrasses me. I believe most of America feels much the same as I do. But let’s cut to the chase. Biden is crooked.

Joe Biden is the lynchpin of the Biden crime family, and enlisted his drug-and-sex-addicted son to run the enterprise. That fact alone reveals a lot about Biden, though I will leave that discussion for an episode of Dr. Phil. Still, the main reason Biden won’t be the Democrats’ nominee is simple. They know Biden is guilty.

Greg Kelly teased what I’ve known for some time. Tapes exist of Biden’s corruption. More irrefutable evidence on top of all the other irrefutable evidence.

BREAKING: Newsmax host Greg Kelly claims an audio tape containing “incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption” exists and will be released to the public in the coming weeks.

Big if true.

Kelly claimed the audio tape is so explosive that it will force President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race.

“I am told by people in the know… that there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public,” Kelly stated.

“He will not be able to remain a candidate for the presidency for reelection. It will be over and done with.”

“They’re worried about it right now at the White House.”

News of Biden’s corruption surprises no one. The only real question is why Democrats kept a lid on it for so long. That’s the left’s biggest problem and the reason Biden must go.

The establishment rallied around Biden since 2020, when they realized he represented their best candidate to cheat into office. They knew Biden was the most compromised candidate in the history of the Republic, which showed their abject desperation to prevent a Trump second term.

For almost 3 years now Democrats have plotted and schemed to prevent the truth about the Bidens from leaking out; a conspiracy that involves the media, social media, the DOJ, the FBI and even foreign governments.

What will they do now?

I’ve asked that question of many Leftists. Along those same lines I’ve asked them, “What will you do when you find out that you’re wrong…on EVERYTHING?!”.

That day cometh for many. Like my family member who didn’t vote for Biden, but instead for Trump, millions of former Democrats and Leftists see clearly their mistake is supporting either ideology.

What will the tape(s) reveal?

We will learn nothing new in whatever tapes exist on the Bidens. We know they are corrupt. I’m anxious to know why or how the tapes will hit public domain. I say this with the understanding that Democrats knew everything about Joe Biden. So somebody has decided his time is up.

Now, the big question for Democrats is how will they deal with the fallout?




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