Speculation: Why Biden Extended His Vacation

Joe Biden looks like “Dead Man Walking”. Remember that movie about a death row inmate? Metaphorically, Joe Biden is on presidential death row.

A presidency mired in incompetence and corruption, Old Joe ages in dog years. Weeks are months and months are years, which is why I predicted Biden won’t close out the year as “president”.

Others have begun to openly speculate. Because behind close doors and in places where they don’t have to whisper, people know Biden is a feeble old corrupt clown.

After his flawed visit to Maui where Hawaiians greeted him with “F you!” signs, one can only imagine the emotional toll taken on the octogenarian. The man who supposedly garnered 81 million votes being shot “the finger” as his motorcade arrived in Maui–12 days late?

After such a grueling experience that interrupted the royal vacation, Biden returned to the billion’s mansion where he sunned on the beach like a whale that lost its navigation. 114 people burned to death and at last count 388 unaccounted for, and Joe returned back to work: the work of vacation.

When does the vacation end for Biden?

He’s spent almost more time on vacation than working. And hysterically after returning from Maui to vacation, Biden decided to extend his vacation.¬†And why not?

When the clock ticks on your fate, why not take full advantage of the perks. Don’t expect any Leftists to go all “Justice Thomas” on Biden and accuse him of white privilege. No, that’s selective outrage Leftists like to use at the appropriate time. As long as Sleepy Creepy Demented Joe stays a Democrats, he’s immune to such scrutiny.

Moreover, let’s not pressure Joe, since he’s getting enough from Congressman Comer. Comer dares to analyze the Biden’s cashflow. Frankly, Joe can’t take much more.

The stress is getting to him as his appearance in Maui revealed. He looked like the love child Mr. Burns of the Simpsons an Powder. Biden is ashen white, and has that noticeable old man’s walk. Worse, what about those speeches. The man joked about losing his cat in a fictitious fire. And when he wasn’t speaking, he appeared to lose consciousness while sitting at a table.

Biden extended his vacation to hide his maladies. He can’t function. Think of it. You leave vacation to do a photo-op in Hawaii, then back to vacation. Vacation was over once he left, particularly when you have other things to do. Dr. Jill could have continued and updated him. But when you are a braindead zombie, you can be alone, ergo vacation over for everybody.

Like the campaign of 2020, Biden is hiding.

Three years have passed and Biden is worse physically and especially mentally. The lexiconic faux pas happen regularly; almost every time he speaks publicly.

Add to his plate Hunter Biden’s woes, House subpoenas, poll numbers, and as I mentioned earlier, Biden’s performance and you understand why they travel with a defibrillator.

Expect Biden to practically stay on vacation. His schedule will be cut to skeleton level, his appearances short though not so sweet. Democrats will milk that bull as long as they can, until they can’t. And that day approaches with the swiftness of northern arctic winds in the winter on Antarctica.

Despite that cold winter breeze, Democrats soon will sing Nelly’s tune “Hot in hurre”, because things are heating up on the big guy. If Republicans play it right, their strategy might crippled the Democrats.



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