Affirmative Action: Destroying Black Pride

I wrote this article back in 2013. So it’s a decade old. Surprise; nothing has changed. Recently, I decided to revisit the subject. I’m updating the post by changing “Liberal” to “Leftist” and add a bit more context.

White racist Leftists never want Affirmative Action to go away. Affirmative Action is a reminder that white racist Leftists consider themselves better than black people. If white Leftists constantly “help” black people, they get to feel better about accomplishing nothing–  a favorite white Leftist racist pastime.

Black Leftist leaders are all too happy to help white racist Leftists assuage their guilt. Because black Leftist leaders enjoy using racism to bully.

The race card is the political assault weapon of choice, particularly when your only skillset is demagoguery.

Witnessing this for decades, I often ask myself, “What happened to black pride?”

There was a time when black people didn’t settle for failures like Obama or the Congressional Black Caucus. Blacks as a whole expected more from blacks who were blessed with the opportunity for greatness.

Whether it was sports, entertainment, politics, or business, blacks who were set up for something transcendental carried the expectation of the entire black race on their shoulders. Much was riding on his or her success, regardless of their role.

Each time the baton was passed, the next black understood his or her obligation to represent; to show the world that the black man had a positive contribution to make. And we would not squander it.

Blacks were programmed by family and community to be among the best. Further, we expected to be better than whites in our chosen field as well as our humanity.

Anecdotally, Blacks had known the shackles of slavery. Thus, we would work to see that no one ever suffered such inhumanity again.  Our forefathers witnessed the lack of civil rights of Democrats first-hand. Our DNA is programmed to fight for the civil rights of all.

Our struggles provided blacks a unique perspective on oppression.

This perspective was passed down generation to generation to unite us. Blacks knew something whites in America would never truly know — the ability to rise above it all. That success against all odds defined our Affirmative Action.

Yet in a few short decades, the Democrats managed to destroy that sense of pride in accomplishment in black America. Instead, we traded our pride in overcoming adversity for the pride in just being black. In this transaction, the real pride of our glorious heritage was stolen.

Leftist black “leaders” perpetrated that theft.  They victimize other blacks and the rest of the country in order to gain in stature. Sadly, black Leftists want these circus clowns as their spokesmen. These frauds have convinced the black people they  represent that white people are evil for simply having been born with slightly different DNA that makes their skin white.

When does truth trump color for black Leftists?

Our forefathers would be embarrassed at the outcome of the black community. Moreover, the fact that by now we have not overcome being the “black race” and risen to the level of the “human race” is disturbing.

Our forefathers pictured an America where faith in God, family, love of country, education and work-ethic represented the core of the black community. They expected by now that black people would represent the greatness of America, a country that despite its problems provided those once deemed lowest the ability to rise to the top.

However, instead of celebrating America’s first recognized black president and all the strides black people have made, there are those in the black community who want to make sure that black pride remains a thing of the past. Black demagogues want America’s first recognized black president to reset the clock on civil rights. They wanted him to oppress white people who had nothing to do with the past oppression of black people; the irony being that his party is responsible for the oppression, past and present.

I put no race above another.

I believe in the human race above all things, as I believe God made man’s essence in his own image, not his color. Color is merely a geographical trait and has no bearing on one’s character. It’s time black people concede to a higher calling, transcend race, and find the pride in having been a significant part in the building of the greatest country the world has ever known.

The only truly affirmative action is to get rid of Affirmative Action.

© 2013 – Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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